Welcome Talent Lineup for StarLadder CIS RMR

The most important tournament of this season for the CIS region deserves the best coverage! For that reason, we have invited a team of professionals that will cast and analyze matches at StarLadder CIS RMR, creating an unforgettable experience for our viewers.

We are thrilled to welcome casters Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett, Jason "moses" O'Toole, Vince Hill, and Sudhen "Bleh" Wahengbam, alongside Alex "Hawka" Hawkins and Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne, who previously covered the Closed Qualifier stage of the tournament.

The analyst desk for the StarLadder CIS RMR will be held for the playoffs stage, from July 2 till 4, and will be hosted by James Banks and with analysts Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl. 

We are also pleased to bring on board the main observer of the tournament: Ryan "ItsRandall" Randall.

The full talents list of the English broadcast of StarLadder CIS RMR:

  •  Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett — Caster
  •  Jason "moses" O'Toole — Caster
  •  Vince Hill — Caster
  •  Sudhen "Bleh" Wahengbam — Caster
  •  Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne — Caster
  •  Alex "Hawka" Hawkins — Caster
  •  James Banks — Desk host
  •  Duncan "Thorin" Shields — Analyst
  •  Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl — Analyst

We are also ready to unveil the list of talents who will be working on the Russian broadcast of StarLadder CIS RMR. There, apart from well-known StarLadder’s casters and analysts, you will see a few invited guests:

  •  Igor  «SL4M» Sopov  — Caster
  •  Taufik «TAFA» Khidri — Caster
  •  Fyodor «KvaN» Zakharov  — Caster
  •  Aleksandr «HomeR» Lysenko — Caster
  •  Mikhail «Okpoxa» Shmygel  — Caster
  •  Yuriy «strike» Tereshchenko — Caster
  •  Antonina «Tonya» Predko — Host
  •  Oleksandr «Petr1k» Petryk  — Analyst
  •  Arseniy «ceh9» Trynozhenko — Analyst

The observers list of the official broadcast of StarLadder CIS RMR:

  •  Ryan "ItsRandall" Randall — main observer
  •  Denys “ANKOR” Ivanko — fly observer
  •  Tymofii “Iefomit” Pavlenko — cinematic observer
  •  Egor “focuzz” Sineokiy — replay observer
  •  Alexei “PsychoAlexeiz” Bryl — main observer (secondary stream)
  •  Antonio “Stxrm” Lodin — fly observer (secondary stream)
  •  Alina “Alinina” Balashko — cinematic observer (secondary stream)
  •  Vladislav “MentoS” Vansovich — replay observer (secondary stream)

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Stay tuned to official Twitch-channels and watch all the matches held among the best teams.

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