StarLadder CIS RMR: Talent Lineup and Closed Qualifier Schedule

There is one day left before the first matches of StarLadder CIS RMR kick off. So it's high time to introduce to you a team of commentators who will cover all the gaming actions starting from June 18.

The English-language Talent Lineup:

  •  Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne 
  •  Alex "Hawka" Hawkins
  •  Kyle "CodyCasts" Mullings  
  •  Dainius "Sir Danny" Daukša 

The  Russian-language Talent Lineup:

  •  Oleksandr “Petr1k” Petryk
  •  Igor “SL4M” Sopov
  •  Fyodor “KvaN” Zakharov
  •  Yurii “Strike” Tereshchenko
  •  Alexandr “HomeR” Lysenko
  •  Taufik “TAFA” Khidri
  •  Mikhail “Okpoxa” Shmygel

StarLadder CIS RMR Closed Qualifier will be held in GSL format: 8 participants will be seeded into two groups. Two winners from each group will advance to the main event, and the 5th invitation will be determined in the decider match between two teams placed 3rd in each group. All matches of the Closed Qualifier will be held in Best-of-3 format.

StarLadder CIS RMR Closed Qualifier schedule (GMT +3):

June 18

June 19

June 20

  •  17:00 Group А. Lower bracket final 
  •  20:00 Group В. Lower bracket final 

June 21

  •  19:00 Decider match

Stay tuned to official Twitch-channels and watch all the matches held among the best teams.

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