StarLadder CIS RMR: call for community casters

StarLadder CIS RMR welcomes community casters to broadcast one of the most important events in the CIS region this summer. In order to get an opportunity to cast the event on your channel in a non-commercial manner, please fill out the FORM.

Guideline for community casters:

  •  Any textual, verbal or graphic commercial advertising is prohibited. Though you are allowed to collect donations and promote subscriptions. 
  •  Use GOTV content only and do not overlap original banners.
  •  Set up a 3-minute delay to stream on top of the existing one in GOTV
  •  Add "StarLadder CIS RMR - Community Stream" to the title of the stream
  •  Set up a chatbot message "If you want to follow the official broadcast go to GlitchCat", with a 30-minutes timer.

Use the links below:

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