PEL Promo: four teams advancing to PEL phase 3

The PEL Promo has come and gone, and we now know which four teams will be rounding out the lobby for Phase 3 of the PUBG Europe League. The tournament format has been explained in more detail here, so for now, let’s focus on how the PEL Promo broke down.

Maintaining control of the tournament from start to finish, Reciprocity was able to lean into their firepower and high-level experience to take advantage of the lobby. The team showcased a similar effort to that of Week 8 in Phase 2, appearing extremely comfortable throughout all twenty matches. Leading not only his team but the entire league, Romain “SHIV” Hermann collected a monstrous 40 kills during the tournament. This was a substantial part of their success, while simultaneously executing their rotations with minimal hiccups. Reciprocity’s excellent positioning, coupled with extensive experience, placed the team ahead of the others. Let’s face it, the only teams enjoying this tournament are those from Contenders. So it’s reassuring to watch such a highly skilled team come out, handle business, and remind everyone what they’re capable of. With the rough start to the previous phase behind them, it’s going to be extremely interesting to see them get a fresh start to Phase 3.

While Reciprocity makes a return to the PEL, three new teams will be making their PEL debuts in Phase 3. The first of which being GamerLegion, who placed in second, just thirteen points behind the leader. The journey to the PEL has been a long one for this team, but after a successful campaign throughout Phase 2, Contenders Finals, and now PEL Promotion, they’ve achieved their goal. Employing a well-balanced contribution from each player on the roster, GamerLegion effectively navigated the battlegrounds to claim second overall and a spot in the PUBG Europe League.

Also securing their invite to Phase 3 of the PEL, Besiktas Esports and Zoek Een Naam claimed third and fourth respectively. Both teams were clear standouts in the PEL Contenders throughout Phase 2, and will now have their shot at the best teams in Europe. Besiktas Esports was led through the PEL Promo by Tomi “TOMIL” Lindback who compiled 29 kills and placed fourth overall in damage dealt. As one of the more experienced rosters from Contenders, Besiktas Esports has now climbed to the highest level of PUBG in Europe.

As for Zoekt Een Naam, the team arrived in Berlin for the PEL Promotion after taking first place in the Contenders Finals. Comparable to their dominant play throughout the group stage and finals, ZEN played with confidence during the PEL Promo, securing their invitation to the big stage with a ten-point lead over fifth place. Leading the team in kills with 27, Valtteri “VAZKU” Jussila did his part in helping the team claim fourth. However, the team must now prepare for their biggest test yet, as they look to carry some of that momentum into Phase 3 of the PEL.

The PUBG Europe League had four available spots when the PEL Promo began. Now, one team will be making a return to the PEL, along with three eager teams earning their PEL debut. Be sure to follow the PUBG Europe League on social media to keep up with all of your favorite teams and players: