Three regions, four stages packed with action, and the best teams competing LIVE — the registration is open!

A grand battle of skilled Valorant players with a total prize pool of $39500 is incoming with this year’s EMG LEAGUE: here we will tell you everything there is to this tournament and what you should expect.

Three regions

Levant & North Africa, GCC & Iraq, and South Asia: an unlimited number of teams will clash against each other until the best of what these regions have to offer will be determined and winners come to light.

Four stages

The League consists of 4 stages: EMG OPEN, EMG PRO, EMG LCQ, and EMG LEGENDS CUP LAN, the last two will be LAN.
Check out the covered and voiced details of the EMG LEAGUE 2023 in the video below:

Now, let’s delve into what each stage will look like:


  • ● Levant + North Africa  will take place on July 21-22
  • ● GCC + Iraq will take place on July 23-24
  • ● South Asia will take place on July 20, 25

During the EMG OPEN, all the teams who had registered for the tournament will face each other in the regional arena in two days of intense open qualifications — one single team per region will gain the advancement ticket to EMG PRO, joined by 7 invited teams per region who had already demonstrated their mastery.

The REGISTRATION for EMG OPEN is ongoing: the number of teams is unlimited, and anyone has a fighting chance — challenge yourself and sign in now!

  • ● Registration for South Asia closes on July 19
       Register now!
  • ● Registration for Levant + North Africa closes on July 20
       Register now!
  • ● Registration for  GCC + Iraq closes on July 22
       Register now!


Group Stage

  • ● Levant + North Africa — August 4,15,18 
  • ● GCC + Iraq — August  5,16,19
  • ● South Asia — August 7,8,17


  • ● Levant + North Africa — Semifinal on August 22, Final on August 25
  • ● GCC + Iraq — Semifinal on August 23, Final on August 26
  • ● South Asia — Semifinal on August 24, Final on August 27

EMG PRO will introduce the full-scale regional battles — 8 teams in each region will be divided into 2 Groups and fight until a single elimination is reached. 3 teams will come out victorious, representing their regions, with the coveted slots to the LEGENDS CUP where they’ll get to compete on LIVE stage!

The EMG PRO has a total prize of $6500 per region; the distribution is shown below: 


  • September 22

EMG LCQ or Last Chance Qualification will be LAN and allow the 2nd place teams from each regional ENG PRO to have one more go at getting a ticket to LEGENDS CUP. A fight will continue until there’s only one left standing. 


  • ● September 23-24

Exactly after the last team to participate in the LEGENDS CUP is decided, the Grand Finale of the EMG LEAGUE 2023 will open. 4 teams will compete for the ultimate winner’s prize — everything will take place at the EMG Festival in Dubai, UAE.

The EMG LCQ and LEGENDS CUP feature a total prize pool of $20000, with the ultimate winner taking the lion’s part of $9000! The complete distribution is as shown below: 

EMG Festival


Both EMG LCQ and LEGENDS CUP are LAN for a reason! The EMG 2023, Dubai’s biggest ever gaming and esports festival taking place on September 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center, will hold a dedicated tournament zone for those 4 teams competing to win the EMG LEAGUE 2023. There’ll be fans from all over the world, so the action promises to be amazing. 
Learn more about the EMG Festival 2023 here

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