Determined winners of the Clash Royale Gamestars League season 2

The second season of Clash Royale Gamestars League ended with a serious clash of the best players from three regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The first place was taken by the representative of Eastern Europe D.I.M.A.S, who received the largest share of the total prize fund, which amounted to $33,000!

Open qualifiers and regional finals were held in each of the regions. According to the results of the qualifiers, 12 players from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East advanced to the International Group stage, 4 from each region and 4 more players who received direct invites have joined them. 

Representatives of Western Europe:

  •  Ligoncr
  •  SaintBelikin
  •  Sasa
  •  Inthrill

Representatives of Eastern Europe:

  •  OS ToPIk
  •  predator
  •  DiaaBooom
  •  D.I.M.A.S

Representatives of Middle East:

  •  GençAslan
  •  Minicuma
  •  The awesome
  •  SeeOk

Direct invites:

  •  Hugo CR v2    
  •  OneHive_Hunt3r    
  •  SB    
  •  lucasgsm

According to the results of the final, the first place was taken by D.I.M.A.S, the second place was won by another representative of Eastern Europe predator, and the third place was taken by Hugo CR v2.

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