StarLadder to launch the first season of Gamestars League for the Brawl Stars and Clash Royale players

National tournaments of Gamestars League will be held in 9 countries: Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, France, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden. Players from other European countries and the Middle East will have an opportunity to attend the Wild Card tournaments.


The strongest 32 teams in Brawl Stars, as well as the best 32 players in Clash Royale will participate in the International League. While 16 winners in each discipline will get a chance to fight for the champion’s title and a respect of fans in the first International Final. Due to the spread of COVID-19, all matches within the first season of GameStars League will be held online. The prize pool of season’s final for each discipline is amounted to $30.000. The winners of each national and Wild Card tournament will share $1.000. 

The structure of season of Gamestars League: 

  •  9 National Leagues и 3 Wild Card tournaments - the number of participants is unlimited
  •  9 National Finals and finals of Wild Card tournaments - 8 teams
  •  International group stage - 32 teams
  • • International Final - 16 teams

Sign up for the first season till March, 7th:

Wild Card Regions:

Wild Card #1: Italy, Moldova, Albania, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Belarus, Greece, Cyprus, Malta. 

Wild Card #2: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. 

Wild Card #3: UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia.

Tournament dates of the Brawl Stars Gamestars League:

  • International group stage: April, 19th - May, 21st
  • International Final: May, 26-30th

Tournament dates of the Clash Royale Gamestars League:

  • International group stage: April, 12th - May, 14th
  • International Final: May, 19-23rd

A professional team of casters will be covering a broadcast of all international matches of the season on the official channels of the League:

Brawl Stars

Clash Royale

The organizers of Gamestars League are offering a unique chance to hold a broadcast of matches on YouTube and TikTok to all those wishing. In order to apply, please contact us via the following mail: [email protected]

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