Renegades and Vitality qualify for StarSeries i-League S8 playoffs

The first day of the game brought us the names of two teams that guaranteed themselves a place in the playoffs - these are Renegades and Vitality. In the next round, they will meet each other to play the best place in seeding to the next stage.

Vitality StarSeries i-League S8

Vitality started the tournament very cheerfully, first sending Invictus Gaming [2:0, 16:3 on Nuke and 16:3 on Mirage] to the lower bracket, and then they sorted out North [2:1] as well. Renegades, in turn, outplayed MIBR in the first match 2:1, and then dealt dry with Fnatic, 2:0.

Thus, both teams reached the upper bracket final of the group A and guaranteed themselves a place in the playoffs. In the next match, they will play for seeding in the next stage, because of the four teams of group A, only 2 will receive seeding in the playoffs upper bracket.

Unsuccessful start of the tournament came for Imperial e-Sports and mousesports, both teams lost the first match and will fight for survival on October 23.

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