Northern Lights crowned PCS Europe Charity Showdown champions!

After a thrilling weekend of PUBG esports action, Northern Lights overcame their opponents to be crowned the PCS Europe Charity Showdown champions. The win earned them $25,000 USD of the $100,000 prize pot, and PUBG will also be donating $100,000 to a charity of their choice!

Day One

We kicked off the day on Miramar, with a southern circle forcing rosters to clash on the outskirts of Pecado. The final three came down to a full strength Omaken Sports who were up against RYE and ADEPTS – both on two players each. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their numerical advantage, Omaken secured the dinner taking an impressive 16 kills along the way. Game on. 

The second match of the day saw TSM exit the battleground early on, with ENTROPIQ being the second roster to be taken out. Natus Vincere’s Bestoloch impressed, while RYE’s mOnKeY took a stylish double kill against ADEPTS. A final three of Tornado Energy, Team Red Zone and Team Liquid ended in a Tornado Energy win.

Despite a slow start in the opening two games, it was TSM who took the third win of the day. Led by top fragger MiracU, they picked off their opponents one by one, closing a final three of themselves, Natus Vincere and match two winners Tornado Energy. 

It was off to Erangel in match four where rosters locked horns once again to stake their claim for a share of the prize pot. Tornado Energy looked strong, joining Northern Lights and Tempus in a tense final three. In the end, it was Northern Lights who secured the win – their first of the Grand Finals. 

The circle focused around the western village of Gatka in Match five, with Natus Vincere fragging out early on against an almost powerless BetterLuckNxTime. In the final showdown, fans were treated to a PUBG rarity – a four v four between FaZe Clan and Northern Lights! Many would have expected FaZe Clan to take the win, but it was not to be – Northern Lights crushed their opponents, putting more much-needed points on the table!

In the final match of the day, an intriguing circle centered around Sosnovka Island – leaving rosters to scrap it out for control of the bridge. A final three of Omaken Sports, Team Liquid and Tempus soon became a final two with Team Liquid and Omaken Sports matching up in a three v three. Omaken Sports fought well, but in the end Team Liquid had too much for them – taking an impressive nine kills on the way to their first dinner of the day!

Day Two

A frantic start to the second day of the PCS Europe Charity Showdown Grand Finals saw Elgiganten Gaming leave the battleground first as the circle focused around Los Leones. Natus Vincere impressed, closing a final three of Northern Lights and Team Liquid to secure the win.

The good times just kept on rolling for Natus Vincere. In a circle that landed around the ocean side town of Valle del Mar, the roster took out Omaken Sports on route to a final four with Tornado Energy, Team Red Zone and Northern Lights. They made it two for two, setting the standard for the other 15 teams. 

FaZe Clan took the final match on Miramar, with Fuzzface fragging Tornado Energy’s xmpL to secure the points and end Natus Vincere’s winning streak.

We returned to Erangel for the fourth match of the day, with rosters desperately attempting to take control of the map. Tornado Energy impressed early on, crashing into Team Liquid with devastating effect. It was TSM who had the last laugh, however, dismantling Redline in the final two to propel themselves up the table. 

It was a return to form for Natus Vincere in match five with the roster fending off the competition to take their third win of the day. RYE and Tempus put up a good fight in the final three, but there was little they could do to stop Bestoloch and TheTab picking them off one by one to complete the hattrick. 

The final match of day two gave rosters one last chance to make an impression on the leaderboard. ENCE, who had had a relatively quiet day, started to make an impression on the map but it was Northern Lights who took the win. Picking up 16 kills, the roster took out open qualifiers BetterLuckNxTime in the final two.

Day three

The opening game of day three saw BetterLuckNxTime killed first, and table toppers Northern Lights were also dispatched fairly early on. Tempus, Elgiganten Gaming and ENTROPIQ made up the final three, with Tempus securing the first dinner of the day.

An El Pozo-based circle in match two led to a mad scramble across the map, with Omaken Sports and FaZe Clan being two of the matches’ early victims. Northern Lights once again made it to the late stages of the map, but were this time stopped in their tracks by BetterLuckNxTime who took the win.

We were off to Miramar one final time for a circle that placed neatly around Los Leones. BetterLuckNxTime was in fine form once again, finding themselves in a showdown against experienced roster Team Liquid. Unfortunately for BetterLuckNxTime, they couldn’t make it two on the bounce – Team Liquid put them to the sword, collecting the win and taking 10 kills.

Match four was a fiery encounter, quite literally as Northern Lights made light work of Omaken Sports – pinning them down and torching them early on. It was a sign of things to come for Northern Lights, who confidentially marched towards the final three, finding themselves up against Tempus and Tornado Energy. However they were stopped in their tracks, with Tempus securing an impressive second win of the day.

The circle darted around Stalber and Zharki in our penultimate match as rosters clashed to try and take control of the map. Tempus kept their momentum going, taking out TSM early on, but it was Northern Lights who really stood out. The roster, who had played excellently all weekend, closed a final two with Adepts to take yet another Grand Finals dinner – all but confirming the trophy.

It wouldn’t be Sunday without a FaZe Clan victory would it? The roster steamed through their opponents in the last game of the day, taking out RYE’s Shiv in the final seconds.

As anticipated, Northern Lights were crowned champions of the PCS Europe Charity Showdown after a breathtaking Grand Finals performance – they were trailed by Tornado Energy and Natus Vincere who finished second and third respectively.