FaZe Clan reign as PUBG Europe League Phase 2 champions

FaZe Clan is the PEL Phase 2 Champion! A 19-point win on Erangel sent the team into the first-place position, heading into the final match of the phase with a nine-point lead. From there, FaZe was able to defend their lead during a chaotic final zone inside Pochinki to wrap up Phase 2.

FaZe Clan is the PEL Phase 2 Champion!

Following a lengthy 96-match phase, three questions loomed large to start the final day. First and foremost, which of the top four teams would rise to the occasion and claim first place? Which team would secure fifth place and join the top four in Sweden for the GLL Grand Slam? And which four teams would face relegation and need to fend off twelve eager teams from Contenders in the PEL Promo tournament?

Following eight grueling weeks of action, a steady final day performance placed FaZe Clan atop the leaderboard. Claiming first and it’s $100,000 USD grand prize, the team played some of their best games during the most important week of this phase. An essential portion of any team’s success comes from their kills. David “FUZZFACE” Tillberg Persson finished tied for fourth overall as he led his team with 127 kills across the 96 matches. Now heading to Stockholm as Phase 2 Champions, FaZe Clan reached the pinnacle of PUBG esports in Europe after their dominant showing throughout the phase.

In what is likely the biggest competitive PUBG comeback to date, the Pittsburgh Knights seized the final day by winning a record-setting three matches out of four. You couldn’t have asked for a better performance under the pressure of the final day of Phase 2. Amidst a chaotic Pochinki finale, an impressive maneuver to secure the center of the final zone proved to be the difference-maker. In order to accomplish their goal of stealing fifth place and the final invite to the GLL Grand Slam, the team had to finish on a high note. Excellent positioning and clean rotations were vital, as the Knights held off multiple pushes to secure their third chicken dinner of the day in the final match of Phase 2. It was an impressive accomplishment that many wouldn’t have believed was realistic heading into the final day.

Pittsburgh Knights

While the Pittsburgh Knights celebrate this incredible feat, TSM and their fans watched in disappointment as the final invitation to GLL Grand Slam slipped away. Failing to retain the fifth-place position, which they held for the majority of Phase 2, the final day was less about what TSM did poorly and more about everything the Knights did well. Nevertheless, TSM takes home a $20,000 USD paycheck for their efforts throughout this phase. 

While twelve teams begin to celebrate and prepare for PEL Phase 3, four teams are destined to defend their spot in the league. The PEL Promo tournament will begin shortly and we now know which four teams from the PEL will be fighting off eager challengers from Contenders. Reciprocity, Team Vitality, Team Unity, and M19 will face relegation. In a best-of-twenty match format, the top four teams of the PEL Promo tournament will claim the four vacated PEL spots in Phase 3. Will we see four new teams enter the studio next phase? Or will the PEL teams outperform the best that Contenders has to offer?

Phase 2 of the PUBG Europe League is now in the books following the exciting finale. Be sure to tune into the PEL Promo tournament to see which four teams will be invited to Phase 3!

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