Champions: TSM wins PCS1 Europe Grand Finals!

The roster was crowned champions of Europe after an explosive weekend of PUBG esports!

After an intense month of PUBG esports, TSM has fought off fierce competition to be crowned PCS1 Europe Champions and take $50,000 USD of the $200,000 prize pot!

For a full recap of the opening weekend of the Grand Finals, click here.

Day 3 

With so much at stake, it was no surprise to see a few minor errors creep in on Day 3 of the PCS1 Europe Grand Finals. In the opening game, TSM’s Iroh accidentally killed two of his teammates, while Northern Lights’ BatulinS did the same to one of his own side. It was a hectic ending to the day’s first match, with Omaken Sports, FaZe Clan and ENCE clashing with one another to try and put some vital points on the board. In the end, however, it was Tornado Energy who took the victory – with Natus Vincere and Northern Lights rounding off the top three. 

It was a crazy end to Match 12 as Northern Lights secured a somewhat smoky Chicken Dinner against Tornado Energy and Blaze Esports – we couldn’t see a thing!

Natus Vincere’s TheTab showed off his sniping skills at the expense of Tempus in Match 13, but in the end Tornado Energy managed to secure their second W of the day. Teams from the Europe East region were looking strong!

Match 14 treated us to an abundance of top quality PUBG as teams scrapped it out for those vital kill points. Istanbul Wildcats executed an impressive clear out on ENCE, while Team Liquid’s Ibiza had some fun with his Molotovs – taking two frags in the process. In the end, however, it was Tempus’ turn for a share of the spoils. Led by clib who had a good game, they closed out a final three of Team Liquid and Tornado Energy. 

FaZe Clan’s ubah reminded fans why he is one of the best in the business in Match 15, hanging on to finish in fifth place despite the fact the rest of his roster went out early on. In the end, Omaken Sports took the final W for the day with a solid 11-kill win.

ENCE led the pack after the first day, with wins secured by Tornado Energy (x2), Northern Lights, Tempus and Omaken Sports. 

Day 4

Despite it being a Sunday, it was a slow start for FaZe Clan in the first game of the day as they dropped out early, putting an unwelcome 0 points on the board. TSM looked like they were in a strong position to take the first dinner going into the final two with a full strength roster, but ended up losing after skillful play from Blaze Esports to win it.

Things got messy in Match 17 as five rosters clashed on Miramar, resulting in Blaze Esports fighting bravely but being taken out. In the end TSM came out on top, with a vital 20-point game clinching the win for them.

FaZe Clan took things up a notch in Match 18, putting 18 points of their own on the board to remind everyone that they were not out of this yet! However, despite enjoying a haul they still found themselves finish in second place to Northern Lights. With just two games to go, the top five were separated by only 9 points with Tornado Energy in the driving seat.

The final two games were a masterclass in how to play PUBG esports, coming from experienced teachers TSM. They emerged from the utter chaos of Erangel in Match 19 to produce a performance of the highest level, taking 21 points and – most importantly – the number one spot on the leaderboard. Could they hold onto it in the final game?

They did more than just hold onto it, they absolutely dominated – like true champions do! They were a joy to behold in Match 20, ramping it up a notch to take 15 kills and a MASSIVE 25 points. That confirmed it, our PCS1 Europe champions were TSM.

All hail the kings!!!