16 teams secure their places at the PCS 1 Europe Grand Finals!

After six days of intense PUBG esports action, 16 teams have qualified for the PCS 1 Europe Grand Finals. Our finalists now have the chance to win a larger share of the $200,000 USD prize pot.

For a full recap of Days 1 through 3, check out our mid-stage update – PCS 1 Europe Group Stage: The Story So Far.

Day 4

There were a lot of movers and shakers on Day 4 as teams scrambled across the battleground, desperately trying to secure frags and ultimately propel themselves up the table. Natus Vincere looked back to their old self as they solidly climbed up the leaderboard while FaZe Clan will also have been happy with their day – jumping an impressive nine places. BetterLuckNxTime were the pick of the bunch, however, rising an exceptional 12 places to put them well and truly in the hunt for a qualification spot.

The Nuclear Penguins and UNITY wasted no time on the battlegrounds, clashing less than two minutes into the opening match. After a bit of cat and mouse between the two rosters, UNITY came out on top – taking an important frag nice and early. 

A fine spray from Team Quantum’s 1440x1080 tore through ENCE in match 21, fragging both Skuijke and Rustanmar. However, it was ENCE who had the last laugh as Tiikzu almost instantly returned the favor, catching 1440x1080 off guard.

GameFraym’s PartyBeetle was one of the standout performers of match 24, racking up 7 kills and hurting team sniip with some impressive nade action.

At the end of Day 4, wins were secured by With Potential, BetterLuckNxTime, Team Quantum, UNITY (x2) and Tornado Energy.

Day 5

With Tornado Energy dominating at the top of the leaderboard, the main focus on Day 5 was the top 16 cut off. It was the last chance for Group A teams to put some points on the board and earn a place in the Grand Finals.

GameFraym’s Aaab kicked off proceedings in fine form, dismantling team sniip and taking a ruthless triple kill.

Raise Your Edge’s Shiv showed his skills in match 27, fragging out against FaZe Clan’s ubah with the iron sight. Bravo!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before Raise Your Edge and FaZe Clan found themselves clashing again. It was FaZe Clan who came out on top this time, taking valuable kills amidst a sea of vehicles, motorbikes, nades and smoke. With this being the last match of Raise Your Edge’s Group Stage, had the roster done enough to qualify for the Grand Finals?

At the end of Day 5, Tornado Energy still led the pack by quite some way, but it was at the other end of the leaderboard where things were starting to get really interesting. Team sniip would be confident they had done enough to qualify, but Raise Your Edge and BetterLuckNxTime would now both have to hope results went their way on Sunday. 

Day 5’s chicken dinners were secured by With Potential, Blaze Esports, Redline, The Nuclear Penguins, Team Liquid and team sniip.

Day 6

The final day was set to be a cracker, with all the focus on which teams in the lower-middle half of the standings would up their game and earn a place in the top 16. 

TSM and UNITY locked horns a few times throughout the day, clashing in the first match to attempt to take control of Hacienda. They were at it again in match 33, where TSM dug deep and wiped the full UNITY roster in style. As if to add insult to injury, TSM’s Fexx treated fans to some of his silkiest moves – taking part in a victory dance as he stood over his victims’ bodies.

Elsewhere on the battlegrounds, Redline’s Qbe punished Natus Vincere with a beautiful spray transfer. Take a bow!

ENCE, who started the day in 20th place, once again showed that they could up their game when it mattered most. A second-place finish in match 33, followed by a win in match 34, helped them claw up the table and secure a safe 12th place overall finish. 

Despite some impressive climbing, the story of the day belonged to Blaze Esports. The Turkish squad were shoulder to shoulder with Natus Vincere and AfterAlt throughout the final day of matches, and going into the final game they truly needed to go big or go home.

A courageous effort and some circle luck took them into the top 5, but a sudden multi-pronged assault saw them suffer three quick losses. As the final player alive, LAHZA knocked Redline’s QBE and went for the all-important flush but was knocked and eliminated… one point short of team sniip in 16th place. 

With the roster down and seemingly out, Tempus’ Wookiebookie stepped up to earn himself some new fans in Turkey. By taking out Redline’s final player, Wookiebookie inadvertently turned LAHZA’s knock on QBE into a kill. Blaze Esports and team sniip were now tied on 126 points, with Blaze Esports leaping into 16th place based on overall kill count. 

That concluded the PCS 1 Europe Group Stage, with Northern Lights (x2), Team Liquid, ENCE, Team Quantum and Tempus taking the match wins. 

It was an incredible ending to the qualifiers, but the scoreboards will now reset for the Grand Finals, taking place June 27-28 and July 4-5.

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