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Heroes of the Storm

Western Clash HGC finished

Western Clash HGC

RED Canids and Nomia are the first to leave Western Сlash

The first day of  Heroes of the Storm Western Clash ended on a minor note for two teams. After losing their matches in the upper bracket, and conceding in the lower, the Brazilian five RED Canids and Australians from Nomia left the tournament.

The first four games in the upper bracket within the Playoffs ended with the same score — 2:0 each. The winners became one step closer to the tournament, and 4 teams became "losers".

RED Canids 0:2 Tempo Storm

The first meeting of teams took place in the "Dragon Shrine". RED Canids were confident in the early game but made several mistakes, such as exchanged Sonya to the Dragon for Brightwing at the 12th minute, so the opponents managed to turn the game in their favor. Several unsuccessful fights, and winning the advantage back became impossible. Tempo Storm earned the first score.

“Cursed Hollow” — the second map of the series. Illidan was a risky pick for Tempo Storm, but it has paid off: Uther made an early game for his carry, the team was leading the entire game both in the levels and kills. Fury playing Stitches, helped to draw out mid game and late game for his team. After he hooked out Auriel out of her position, and Lunara right after — Tempo Storm managed to finish the series with a 2:0 and saved the slot in the lower bracket.

Team Freedom 2:1 Nomia

Team Freedom and Nomia were the only teams, who played all 3 maps in Best-of-3 series to find out the winner.

The "Sky Temple" battleground opened the match. Teams decided to surprise the viewers: Team Freedom picked Cassia, fallen out of the current meta, and for the first time in the game appeared Medivh. Team Freedom went greedy from the beginning: taking the first blood and first temple, as well as two opponents' lives. They were making a kill every minute, and at the 10th took away the Boss and another temple. By the minute 14 they made “-4” and secured the first map in their favor. 

At the “Cursed Hollow” Team Freedom decided to take control once morel and picked Abathur for Nazmas, who has 100% winrate on the hero. But Nomia showed up perfect split-push, realized their heroes potential with the early aggression, which eventually helped them to even out the score.

The decisive battleground in the match was “Tomb of the Spider Queen”. Nomia tried to push from the beginning again and picked aggressive Overwatch heroes for that: Lucio and Tracer. As an answer, Team Freedom picked Medivh and D.Va. Team Freedom captured the advantage in the early game, but Nomia withstood the blow and took the first opponent’s line of the defense. TF quickly rehabilitated and consolidated the advantage they had at the beginning. Thanks to the Medivh’s shields, Tracer never blew up the bomb. Nomia tried to retake the advantage to their side, but wasted gems failed the major fight, which allowed TF to kill the boss, evoke Webweavers and win the game.

The second gaming day will start tomorrow at 12:00 CEST. For everyone who wants to see the games live, the doors of the Kiev Cybersport Arena are open.