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Grand Final finished

Grand Final

Favorites and underdogs of WESG CS:GO 2016 Grand Final

With each passing day, we are getting nearer to a start of the final stage of the world championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — WESG 2016 presented by Alipay.

Photo of WESG 2016 Grand Final's venue

The 24 of the best teams from all across the globe, standing for their national teams, will fight for the champions’ cup of WESG, deciding the destiny of a prize pool of $1,500,000. 

It’s high time to discuss, the performance of which teams should be observed primarily, and who have all chances of winning.

Group «A»

— Team Russia
— Virtus.Pro
— Epsilon eSports
— Team Canada
— Team EnVyUs
— Team One

Main favorites

The main contenders to advance to the Playoffs are unquestionably Virtus.Pro. During all this year, the Polish five has been performing with decent results and, following the version of some, even gained the title of the best team in the world. 

VP secured the 3rd place of WESG EU+CIS Finals

The following are the French from Team EnVyUs. Currently, nV are not in such a strong shape as Virtus.Pro, but they surely stand out against the other teams. EnVyUs — is the second strongest squad in France, who possess a great number of awards, among which are the champions’ cup of the Major-championship DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015.

The trio of favorites is closed by young and promising Swedes from Epsilon eSports. Epsilon is a strong tier2-team, powerful enough to prevail over Team Russia or Team Canada, but is a line lower than EnVyUs and Virtus.Pro. The latest achievement of the squad — the first place at WCA 2016: World Finals. 


The Russian national team in CS:GO — a squad, which can make a splash. Team Russia have already surprised us at the LAN-finals of the Eeuropean quals for WESG, overpowering Virtus.Pro and then taking the second place, and they are ready to reapeat that one more time. 

From that moment, Team Russia replaced WorldEdit and electronic with s0ft1k and DavCost, but this fact should not affect the team’s level. The renewed .Russia — main contender to make headlines in group «А».

Group «B»

— k23
— rEAK
— VG.CyberZen
— Team Colombia

Main favorites and VG.CyberZen — the teams, who have the highest chances of the ultimate success. In comparison with other members of this group, the Finnish and Chinese squads were playing on a stable tier3-level, from time to time overwhelming strong teams at the international LAN-events.

VG will be the main iGame's opponent

We should point out that the last time these teams have faced against each other at WCA 2016: World Finals, when the victory was gained by VG.


k23 — is a good mix from Kazakhstan, but their line-up is not alike with the previous roster, which triumphed at WESG 2016 APAC Finals. The squad has lost their basics and got some young talents instead. The new players surely want to prove themselves, and the WESG Grand Final — a great chance for it. Considering the competition in this group, k23 are able to reach the satisfactory outcome. 

Group «С»

— Space Soldiers
— Team Kinguin
— Signature Gaming
— FIVE eSports Club
— Bravado Gaming

Main favorites

The main focus in this group is going to be on GODSENT. The Swedish team has recently qualified for ELEAGUE Major 2017, remaining undefeated in the qualifiers, and is gradually getting back on track. GODSENT should not only advance to the Playoffs, but even enter a fight for the champions’ cup of WESG.

GODSENT have potential to become a leader of Group «C»

The representatives of European region — Team Kinguin and Space Soldiers — exceed other squads in terms of experience, as well as in the personal skills, so they are the ones to take another few tickets to the Playoffs. 


The vice-champion of WESG 2016 Africa & ME Finals — team Bravado Gaming — the dark horse of Group «С». Bravado are unquestionably the top-1 team in their region, taking every LAN-tournament, which is held on their native land, and now they will deservedly stand for Africa at WESG. There are no guarantees that Bravado will make a splash, but we definitely should pay our attention to this team. 

Group «D»

— Selfless Gaming
— JYP Gaming
— Dark Passage
— Team Quetzal
— TyLoo
— Team Ukraine

Main favorites

Selfless — are the main hope of the USA at WESG 2016 Grand Final. In times past, the Americans won the LAN-finals of the American qualifiers for WESG and now they are playing with neuter results on the local stage. At this tournament, Selfless Gaming will play with Slemmy — the ex-captain of Cloud9, who will add some cohesiveness to the team-actions, increasing their chances of success.

Selfless with the championship title of WESG Americas

More serious rival is considered to be TyLoo. The Chinese five have a huge experience in the game against the European teams, as well as against their compatriots, and may be thought the strongest within group «D». It’s quite possible that TyLoo will advance to the Playoffs from the first place.  

One of this group’s favorites is also Dark Passage. DP were pretty good at the LAN-finals WESG 2016 Africa & ME Finals, getting the 3rd place, and for the last months were showing decent results in the online-tournaments. Taking into account that Ukraine lost their main players, such as Zeus and bondik, Dark Passage will likely secure the last slot in the Playoffs.


As well as Team Russia and k23, Team Ukraine have lost the important players and incurred replacements right before the start of the final stage of WESG. Ukraine haven’t gathered the best players in their country, but still have good enough to withstand the onslaught of the group stage. If Dark Passage or Selfless will show their weak spots, the Ukrainian team in CS:GO will be granted a great opportunity to move forward.