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WESG 2017 Europe finished


Neeb, JonSnow and puCK are the winners of WESG SC2 USA

Neeb, JonSnow and puCK have finished in the top-3 of WESG SC2 online-qualifier in USA and advanced to the LAN-finals, completing its list of participants.

The American players were competing within the bracket of Single Elimination until Ro8, where it was replaced by Double Elimination. During the second stage, first two LAN-finalists were determined in the semifinals: Neeb easily defeated Cuddlebear with a 3-0 score, and JonSnow won over puCK 3-1.

The last third ticket to California was played off by all the same Cuddlebear and puCK in the final of lower bracket. After the second attempt, puCK qualified to WESG Americas Finals, defeating his opponent with a 3-1 result. Earning a spot for the LAN-event, puCK also completed its participant-list:

Neeb JonSnow
puCK Semper
Scarlett SpeCial
JimRising EGG
Kelazhur CatZ
eGGz HalfBreed

The LAN-finals of the American qualifier of WESG in StarCraft II will be held from 1-4 February in the city of Santa Ana, California. Twelve players, which were mentioned before, will be fighting for seven tickets to WESG Global Finals and $34,000 of the prize-money.