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WESG 2017 Europe finished


WESG Stories: Clem, the youngest player

A short story and interview with a Clem — French fifteen years old Terran player for Dead Pixels. He started playing StarCraft II at the age of 10 and already tried himself at the LAN-finals of international championship WESG. So how he started playing StarCraft II, what his parents think about it and other interesting stuff you just can find in video and interview.


- How did you start playing StarCraft II?

- My father started playing it, he just showed me that game, so I started playing as well.

- Have you some idols among players in StarCraft II?

- When I started playing I loved MarineKingPrime, Terran player, and after it was Maru.

- Is it hard for you to balance studying​ with games?

- It is pretty hard because you want to play but you need to do some tasks for school.

- How many hours per day do you spend on playing in StarCraft II?

- It depends if I have school or not. Sometimes I can play 5-6 hours and sometimes one or two.

- And do you play some other games, besides StarCraft II?

- I play a little bit of Counter-Strike, but I’m not very good at it.

- What do your parents think​ about your playing in StarCraft II? Do they support you?

- When I started playing, my mother didn’t like that I play much, but for my father it isn’t a problem. At all I think that they are pretty happy about it.

- And how did they react on fact that had you reached WESG Europe finals?

- My father was very happy, my mother a little bit less, but still.

- This is your first tournament on the international level, how do you feel about it?

- I’m very happy because two years ago or last year I qualified for DreamHack, but because of my age I couldn’t to participate.

- How do you react on losses? Do you become angry and aggressive or you try to stay calm?

- It depends on situation, sometimes I get very angry and I need some time to be calm.