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The International 2017 finished

The International 2017

Newbee are the first grand-finalists of The International 2017

Newbee earn the first spot in the grand-finals of TI7 after defeating their compatriots from LGD.FY in the Upper Bracket Final.

The first map. Newbee came out as a doubtless winner after the laning phase. Faith’s team had no many successful ganks, but it was noted by a better farm: core-heroes Sniper, Bloodseeker and Axe were staying in the top-3 of net worth for starting fifteen minutes. However the first teamfight victory was gained by LFY, making a quad kill and losing only Medusa in the process.

LGD.FY’s teamfight potential frightened off Newbee and forced to give away a big part of control within the map, that resulted in killing the Roshan for LFY on the 22th minute. Smart positioning and incredible game by Ah Fu on Earthshaker are the reasons why LFY started to win every fight and push with a fast manner. Despite of the advantage, LGD.FY wasn’t hurry to finish the game and soon enough it reached the late stage.

After every passed minute Bloodseeker was becoming stronger and stronger, and defensive game by Newbee yield results shortly. There were a team-wipe of LFY and the Aegis for Newbee on 43th minute, and that was the first step towards Newbee’s comeback. It was getting even worse for LGD.FY: the Radiant players weren’t able to hold back an overfarmed opponent. Axe was controlling the LFY’s core-heroes, while damage from Sniper and Bloodseeker done it’s job. Such a balance of power led Newbee for a victory on the first map as expected.

The second map. During the beginning stage of the next game the clock was running down for Newbee: LFY’s Storm Spirit and Clinkz greatly outmatched the opponent in terms of damage. On the other hand, both teams were on the same level of pushing, destroying four towers on bot-lane before the 15th minute mark.

Entering the mid-game, the teams were fighting for Roshan for a few minutes. Newbee had to take the Aegis, but they didn’t get it. Instead of that, LFY defeated the rival in a devastating way in the next teamfight. The Newbee’s situation was getting even worse, and soon enough it reached the point of no return. sccc’s squad couldn’t found the way to tame Clinkz and Storm Spirit, and agreed to surrender after losing both lanes and the last hope’s teamfight on 33th minute. 

The third map. The main rivalry of the early game was on the mid-lane between Super and Sccc, who fought in the most part of battles at the beginning. And this time the events were running in favor of Newbee, who were moving in groups and earning gold for their core-heroes Shadow Fiend and Bloodseeker. It should be noted that Earth Spirit by kaka brought much benefit for Newbee because of his abilities and stable appearances in teamfights.

Soon enough LGD.FY decided to play in a defensive way and wait for enemy’s mistake, which could lead them to a comeback. However there were no such a miscalculation from Newbee. LFY’s buildings on the mid-lane were destroyed after a crucial loss in the teamfight on the 30th minute. LFY found the way to drag out the game but not to defend their base from Newbee, who came to a final victory by a control over Morphling. 

Newbee advance to the grand-finals of The International 2017! Team Liquid, LGD Gaming or even LGD.FY once again can become their opponent in the match for Aegis of Champions. An accurate name of the second grand-finalist will be known in the last game-day of TI7.