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The Chongqing Major Qualifier: Socials review

The LAN-finals of The Chongqing Major are near at hand, but for now let's go back a couple of days ago and recall what the players and talents were discussing during the main qualifiers for the Major.

Whose slippers?


Угадай чьи тапки! #тапки

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NoPangolier after they advanced to the Major


Когда сапы на мажоре

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There was no way to avoid contentious situations. ppd on twitter said that a team test 123 was standing not for their region and thus had received a slot unfairly, being later disqualified by Valve employees on that ground.

Hero of the qualifiers The times are changing, but one thing is not - Pasha is the most stable and confident player in VP. I can't even imagine what they would do without him. To the Major via misclicks In between matches, English-language talents were constantly finding some kind of entertainment. Zfreek's 1000th game in CoL!​ If someone missed - there is a blog about the last qualifiers for the Major
During the quals, Kuro managed to pass the Dota
Resolut1on​: KuroKy can play with all heroes
Oh yeah, this young man promised his fans a stream after the quals, but after they've finished, he wrote that he needed a break ... #inanticipationofArteezysstream