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EG to reach the finals of the lower bracket at The Chongqing Major

Evil Geniuses have prevailed over PSG.LGD in the fifth round of The Chongqing Major and move forward through the tournament bracket, where they will face Team Secret for a slot in the Grand Final of the tournament.

The first map kicked off with the Chinese team leading by the gold and demolishing the towers of the enemy. However, when they lost a fight at the Roshpit at the 20th minute, they let the Evil Geniuses' carry take Aegis, so that he went to destroy everyone standing on his path. In 10 minutes PSG.LGD were still unable to stop the enemy's Phantom Assasin and were forced to surrender.

Evil Geniuses kicked off on a roll on the first map and, due to a hero with a push-potential, they were quickly destroying the enemy's buildings. At the 15th minute PSG.LGD lost the T3-tower on the mid. However, Arteezy and the company stopped in the opponent's jungle for a while, being eventually punished for that and thus lost all the advantage. The Chinese killed the Roshan and went to demolish all external towers, but they failed to enter the enemy's highground either. Finally, Evil Geniuses managed to take over the initiative and finished off the opponent at the 40th minute. 2:0 for Evil Geniuses.

PSG.LGD are aliminated from the tournament on 4th place, taking a cash prize of $80,000 and 1,350 DPC-points.

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