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Summit 8 finished


Fnatic to attend DOTA Summit 8

Fnatic won the SEA-qualifier within DOTA Summit 8 and will stand for their region in the final championship's stage.

Fnatic and Execration have passed the quals' group stage and in the second stage have faced off against the invited teams — TNC Pro Team and Mineski. In the semifinals, the Philippine squad failed to deal with the pressure of Fnatic 0:2, while Execration have lost out to Mineski 1:2.

Thus, in the final BO5-clash Fnatic were fighting against Mineski. Mushi and company won two maps at a run, but the Malaysian team managed to play back and picked up three rounds, securing a slot in the main stage of DOTA Summit 8.

A final part of the tournament will take place from December 13-17. Eight teams will play for $300,000 and 300 qualifying points for the next The International.