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SL i-League StarSeries S2: HearthStone finished


Decklist of the Last Chance bracket

For now, we can truly say that meta in Hearthstone have become stable. There were clear favorites, players have found the strongest classes, now the main task is to choose for themselves a comfortable deck to play for. The "Last Chance" bracket shows, that 2 the most popular classes for now — are Shaman and Warlock. All players included these classes into their line-ups. Howewer, the participants comtinue to experiment, for example, ThijsNL and Naiman showed great perfomance on Zoo-Warlock, which can be termed as agro deck, but Stancifka and Kranich have declared Reno-Warlock, which is a control type of deck. We can truly say, that Warclock — is the most flexible and effective class at the moment. Recently, Shaman was considered as the weakest ckass, but new addon gave him some powerful cards. This expansion turned underdog into a favourite. Now, Shaman is an incane tempo deck, which is hard to deal with. Ease of use and effiency - the motto of the new Shaman. Second place by popularity may be taken by three folowing classes : Warrior, Rogue and Hunter. Warrior had beed claimed by 7 of 8 participants. The most popular archetype is Tempo Warrior. The deck reminds old Combo Druid. The similarity lies in the fact that if in the initial game you were managed to control the board, the victory is almost in your pocket. But if your opponent captures it, comeback is almost impossible. 2 Rogue was seen in 6 player's line-ups. New expansion has ressurected the Miracle Rogue.This deck is able to drow all of your deck by couple of moves, allowing you to have an incane combo in your hand. Combo allows you to deal huge burst damage, or let you make your Edwin Van Cleef realy strong, and conceal it. Hunter was played by 5 participants. At the moment, Hunter is no more that kind of no-brain deck, that rushes your face, that it is used to be. Rexxar have become more like a mid-game deck. If there is turn 10 and your opponent still alive, it would hard to win, but surviving against Hunter is not so easy, as it may seem to be. Call of the Wild — a card that creepy enemies and has brought many victories for the Hunter. midrange_hunter The remaining 4 classes were declared from 1 to 2 players. At the moment, they don't show some insane results, but have some positive match-ups. Mage was announced by Ostkaka and NaimanNaiman decided to bring 5 agressive decks, and Tempo-Mage is a perfect choice in his line-up. Ostkaka is considered to be as a perfect Freeze Mage. As there was many Zoo-Warlocks in the tournament, Freeze can deal with them easily, so, it was viable solution. We have seen 2 Paladins : from Naiman and Kolento. Just after the release of the new expansion, N'Zoth Paladin was considered to be as a very powerful deck, but meta have become too fast, players have found ways to counter him. Right now, it is difficult to say that N'Zoth Paladin is a great choice, this archetype plays well against Freeze Mages, but only Ostakaka and Kolento believed in it. Howewer, Naiman decided to surprise his opponents, and brought Agro-Paladin. None of the players didn' expect this, so it has brought some easy victories. Only StanCifka has brought a Priest deck to the tournament. Repeatedly, after the expansion, players have been trying to find a working concept of Priest, but all of them have failed. Czech player showed us his vision of this class in the current meta, the result was worthy, - a place at the LAN-finals in Shanghai. Lifecoach tried to replace Warrior with his Druid, but the experiment failed. A plenty of bad match-ups, terrible mana-curve — all of this factors played their roles. Perhaps, players will come up to the working concept of Druid, but now, class is rather weak. In order to see the full decklist, visit our Facebook page.