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SLTV ProSeries Season 15 finished

SLTV ProSeries Season 15

ProSeries: Another team disqualified

gg1337 Yesterday, on 17 March, Rumanian team gg1337 played against Russian five TEMPEST and got a victory with a 2:0 score. Unfortunately, their achievements cannot be scored, since this team has broken some of the tournament's rules, due to which has been disqualified. As it's turned out later, the main roster of gg1337 did not come to the game and made a replacement. According to the rules of ProSeries, teams are not allowed to make more than 2 substitutions during a season, while this team decided to make 5 ones in a single match. Moreover, these 5 stand-ins had already taken part in the amateur league of the last season on team Panda. Thus, gg1337 leave SLTV ProSeries Season 15 and get a forfeit defeat in all matches they must have played. You can watch the record of this match.