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SLTV ProSeries Season 15 finished

SLTV ProSeries Season 15

ELTZ did not consider all rules

When the ELTZ team had been disqualified from ProSeries, the players wanted to tell their point of view on the happened situation. So, by request of the team's captain, we have published his comment on what has happened, and also have explained to everyone, including ELTZ's roster, the reason of this decision.

«Quite an interesting situation happened with us, while participating in a regular SLTV ProSeries season. We had got a direct invitation to this tournament by the organizers, for which we are grateful, though the following course of events could not please us at all. After a victory at the Razer Rising Stars qualifiers, we got disqualified due to a VAC ban of 2014 that belonged to player xaBu, who had been playing on our team for about two weeks. This situation is quite controversial, you can find more information about it in our official group in VKontakte. After this tournament we said good-bye to xaBu, because his reputation had been tarnished, and he himself had lost motivation to play. Then, we received an answer from SLTV, that, according to the rules, we could not take part in ProSeries. That answer did surprise us, since we had said good-bye to xaBu already, and, actually, there were no reasons for our disqualification.  But then appeared one account, which tornadq had sold to some guy in 2014 (there are all needed screenshots and other proofs, and also requests to the steam support). So, it is easy to check that this account had not belonged to the player at the moment of getting the VAC ban. But the referees of the tournament did not want to see into the situation, and our requests that we sent to Valve (everyone knows that SLTV is in close contact with Valve), to help us clear up all circumstances were denied. However, in some cases such problems are resolved in one-two days. Thus, we've been disqualified from SLTV, because our player used to play on the account that at this moment has the VAC ban. Our requests to change the roster for this tournament were denied. I am not going to argue about the rules and all other things, but before you disqualify the team from the tournament, you should clear up all circumstances and find out if the VAC ban was given to the player, that has to pay the penalty, especially when the organizers actually can study out all facts of the case... I really don't want this case to become a precedent for other teams in the future. And I really don't want an innocent person to suffer because of other's mistakes. I think that before you make such a decision, you should search out all the facts and prove that exactly this player got the VAC ban and that he got it in exactly this game. If we follow this logic, then a person that was at the scene of the crime, will always be a criminal... This is nothing else, but nonsense.»
Aleksandr 'tixoNsville' Tikhonravov. ELTZ's captain

According to the steam subscriber agreement, a player has no right to sell his account and is fully responsible for it. It seems as though the members of ELTZ did not manage to read it to the end and simply did not pay attention to some paragraphs. Otherwise, they would not have put an emphasis on the fact of selling tornadq's account, and would not have provided all proofs of that «black deal»

This player can challenge the decision with Valve personally, but always abides by the rules, one of which is:

«If a player with a VAC ban in CS:GO is found, the player will be permanently banned in all tournaments under the aegis of starladder, while his team will be disqualified from the League

Based on the above, such indignation of the ELTZ team is baseless, since no one, but them should bear responsibility for their decisions,

The much talked-of situation with dream3r's VAC ban repeated, due to which E-Frag did not manage to take part in ESWC finals.