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Dota 2

SL i-League Dota 2 Invitational finished


Vici Gaming Reborn to play against Na`Vi in the Grand-Final!

The final match day started with a battle of two Chinese teams. China LGD and China Vici Gaming Reborn were competing for being in the Grand-Final of SL i-League Invitational and for a chance to play against Ukraine Natus Vincere for the main prize of the tournament. vgr2

China VG.Reborn started the first game well and had a chance to finish it very quickly. They were actively pushing their opponent, but when it was time to fight on the highground, everything changed.

China LGD managed to fend off China VG.Reborn’s attacks from their base and to return into the game. Later, Xiao8 and Co. took the advantage and won the first map.


Due to the confident and effective game in the early stage, China VG.Reborn had an opportunity to collect needed artifacts.

AT this time China VG.R started to push the opponent’s base having huge advantage, and China LGD had no chances to resist against it.


The map-decider was totally controlled by China VG.Reborn. As it was in the previous games, they drafted the heroes that could make a lot of problems to the opponent at the beginning.

China LGD were unable to resist. China VG.R kept a leadership on the map, took a great advantage of 30 000 gold and destroyed the opponent. Exactly, they will be a contender of Ukraine Natus Vincere in the Grand-Final of SL i-League Invitational.