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Dota 2

SL i-League Dota 2 Invitational finished


VG.Reborn won Asian derby

The first day of SL i-League Dota Invitational LAN-finals continues. «Kiev Cybersport Arena» stage held the korea-flag MVP.Phoenix vs China VG.Reborn battle.


Alternate fights were keeping the situation on the map stable for a long time. In the middle of the game China VG.Reborn started imposing their game and took the lead. Well-coordinated and successful actions of the Chinese team and mistakes from korea-flag MVP.Phoenix brought a confident victory for China VG.Reborn.


The Korean players performed absolutely oppositely in the second game. At the beginning of the match they focused on the top line, which helped them take necessary resources for Slark. But China VG.Reborn weren’t loafing either and started to push back. The Chinese collective was increasing the lead every minute, leaving no chances to the Koreans for a victory. The Last push on the high ground made MVP.Phoenix stay near the fountain, and China VG.Reborn destroyed the opponent’s throne. Krb4sx7OQN4