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SL i-League Dota 2 Invitational finished


Na`Vi in Grand Final of SL i-League Dota Invitational!

The last match of the forth match day ran within the upper  bracket – Ukraine Na`Vi играли с China LGD! 5pnhsK5Hda8 The first game made all supporters of the Ukrainian team a bit nervous. After a good start, Ukraine Natus Vincere decided to slow down and wait a little with pushing their opponent’s high ground.

At the same time China LGD started catching up with them by diagrams and the situation became hot. Fans of the Ukrainian team were strained, waiting for any frag of their favorites. Every push on the opponent’s base was very tough for Ukraine Na`Vi, so they decided to go on Roshan. At that moment, Ember Spirit farmed Divine Rapier and the whole team of China LGD started to move to Ukraine Na’Vi in smoke.

Right there the key battle of the first map took place. The Ukrainian collective was ready for upcoming opponent and faced off against China LGD on good positions. Ember Spirit lost Divine Rapier, and China LGD did have any chances for the victory – 1:0 in favor of Ukraine Na’Vi.

HMLmI5-5rTU As for the second game, Ukraine Na’Vi prepared a perfect tactic there – five ranged heroes under the buff of Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit. This draft left no chances for team China LGD. It was the quickest game of the tournament, and this victory made Ukraine Na’Vi a Grand-finalist.