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Dota 2

SL i-League Dota 2 Invitational finished


LGD wins the opening match

The teams drafts on the first map were focused on the fast push. In the early game the collectives were in pretty the same position, but LGD picked rather passive tactic and created the space for their Ember Spirit.

Because of that, Russian Federation Vega managed to take a good advantage, but the China LGD "carries" good farm helped to make the situation equel. 


From time to time we saw the battles that were changing the graffics from one side to enother. The critical point of the match was a fight on the middle which Russian Federation Vega lost. China LGD got a huge advantage and won the first map.


In the second game  Russian Federation Vega decided to show their character by pressing the Chinese team, but the only one mistake ruined all plans of the CIS team.

 China LGDs advantage went stronger and stronger. Russian Federation Vega couldn't do anything and after another failed teamfight went "GG".