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Dota 2

SL i-League Dota 2 Invitational finished


Alliance failed against OG

Two giants of the esports Dota 2 scene, European mix European Union OG and Swedish five Sweden Alliance went up against each other in the fight for survival. aDDK9EJFnVQ Nobody could determine a leader until the middle of the game. Both teams in rotation would win battles, so diagrams of the teams were being close to each other the whole game. The fight at Roshan made everything in this match clear. European UnionOG took Aegis, and, later, carried out a good fight, which became a decisive one on the first map. G9XyY6BKS1E On the second map Sweden Alliance were much more confident. At the beginning, they had an opportunity to destroy two towers of the opponent and take the lead. No attempts of European Union OG could help them catch up with the Swedes. An effective play by s4 and Loda allowed Sweden Alliance to level the score in the match. hrgpPbbz3NM The decider was awful for Sweden Alliance. At the beginning, they were rather competitive, but, after the 10th minute, OG took the control over the map. While Miracle- was shining, his counterpart – s4 – was dying every time from the opponent team’s heroes. Sweden Alliance could do nothing, so a victory of European Union OG was only a matter of time. ZVI8FZAnO3U