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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


Virtus.Pro - the champions of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational

For the champion's title of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational were competing two famous teams — Na'Vi and VP. We remind you that the way of the Poles went through the Upper bracket of the tournament, while the CIS-team has firstly got victors in the Lower one, and then knocked out ex-CSGL in the «decider-match».


Players before the last fight in the tournament

The final game started with the pick of Natus Vincere — the map de_inferno. Gaining the upper hand in the knives round, the Poles turned to the defense. They've managed to deal with the competitor in the pistol round, but Na'Vi, in their turn, performed the «force-buy». Equaling the score, the CIS-team got the opportunity to destroy the enemy's economy, but, with the efforts of Janusz «Snax» Pogorzelski, the Polish line-up regained the leadership. Nevertheless, the initiative continued to change the sides and any of the teams was capable to become the ruler of the match. However, in the 6th round «the Bears» ended the Na'Vi's aggression and made them to perform the eco. After that the Polish team hasn't stopped the victorious series, and, as a result, gained the necessary van [8:2]. Natus Vincere realized that they sharply need the changes and used the tactical pause. VP had the control of the meeting, but Na'Vi kept on trying to destroy their defense. Thanks to the clutch of Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev, his team sent the third point to their assets, but it didn't influence the final score of the first half [12:3].

The same one «clutch-round» from Edward

The great performance of the pistol round from Egor «flamie» Vasilyev brought the triumph to Na'Vi in the second pistol round. The Poles, in their turn, answered with the risky «force-buy». Going for the СТ-side, the CIS-team showed us more confident game, and, consequently, managed to shorten the escape from [12:3] to [13:7]. Despite that, Virtus.Pro analyzed their mistakes and led the game to the «match-point» [15:7]. Natus Vincere continued their fight and, when it seemed that they would manage to make the comeback, the Poles defeated the enemy on the eco. The final score — [16:11].

«Quadrokill» by flamie

The next map became de_train — the choice of Virtus.Pro. Starting the defense, Na'Vi confidently took the pistol round and the following two eco-rounds [0:3]. Despite the triumph in the first weapon round, the Poles weren't capable to change the way of the meeting. Time after time Natus Vincere have got the victory in the rounds, increasing the van. For a long time VP couldn't find the necessary tactic for the attack that negatively influenced their result. [1:10]. However the Poles continued their struggle and, to the end of the first map, improved their position. The individual performance of Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev, whose statistics was 22/5, should be especially pointed out. As the result, teams went for a small break with [3:12].

stata (2)

The top-5 players of the previous two maps

Starting the defense, Virtus.Pro got the possibility to win the second pistol and the following «anti-force» rounds, thus leading the score to the mark of [6:12]. Having a comfortable advantage, Na'Vi still made the decision to take the tactical pause. VP didn't have the desire to give up, demonstrating more confident CS. However Danylo «Zeus» Teslenko was capable to change the force's distribution on the map, performing the clutch-round, and took the leadership back to his team. Eventually, Natus Vincere made the final point in the struggle on de_train [8:16]. The last word had the «decider-map» — de_cobblestone.

Zeus regained Na'Vi the lost confidence 

The first pistol round went for Na'Vi, letting to gain the initial advantage [0:3]. Nevertheless, on the device round Virtus.Pro used the mistakes of the opponent, equaling the score [3:3]. For some period of time the game continued on the even conditions and the teams weren't capable to choose the leader in the match. The teams were going «toe to toe», but closer to the end of the first half VP took the initiative and went to the side replacement with [9:6].

Triple «entry-kill» by PashaBiceps

Natus Vincere took the pistol round again and, as a result, the score became even [9:9]. As it turned out, VP should have just got at the weapon rounds, where they regained the lost initiative. Na’Vi kept fighting, taking three rounds more, but the final result hasn't been influenced by it. The confident game from the Poles yielded, so they managed to make the final point in the rough «bo3-series». [16:12] and Virtus.Pro become the winners on the map de_cobblestone.


Thus, the Polish team became the champions of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational. We congratulate Virtus.Pro with another one achievement and wish them luck in the following cybersport career.