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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


Virtus.Pro go to the Grandfinal

In the final of the Upper bracket of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational have met two Polish teams: Virtus.Pro and ex-CSGL. Yesterday «bears» confidently defeated HellRaisers, and the former Lounge Gaming defeated GODSENT.

roster (6)

Teams before the beginning of the meeting

The first map in the «bo3-series» became de_mirage — the pick of Virtus.Pro. The «knives» were taken by ex-CSGL that gave them a possibility to begin for the СТ-side. Nevertheless, VP won in the pistol and the following anti-eco rounds, guaranteeing them the starting advantage. However, thanks to the efforts of Grzegorz «SZPERO» Dziamałek, his team performed the risky «force-buy», thus changing the way of the meeting. Current Dobry&Gaming managed to even the score, and then – to chalk up. During the whole first half ex-CSGL were holding the leadership. Eventually, Virtus.Pro managed to take only the 15th round before going for the defense [10:5].

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SZPERO made not enough efforts

After the small break, VP gathered their powers, taking the pistol and a few following rounds. This helped the «bears» to take the initiative and, over the time, to gain the van. The clutch-round from Jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarząbkowski has finally undermined the confidence of ex-Lounge Gaming. As the result — his team put the final point in the struggle on de_mirage. [11:16] and Virtus.Pro takes the enemy’s pick to their assets.

The same one clutch from PashaBiceps

The choice of ex-CSGL fell on de_dust2. Should be empathized that VP are rarely playing on this map, so Dobry&Gaming had an excellent chance to equal the score in the match. The team under the Mariusz «Loord» Cybulski guidance took the first two points into their assets, but they didn't manage to hold the leadership. On the first weapon round Virtus.Pro overtook the escape in the score, and then even chalked up. Every player of VP was doing everything needed for their team to hold the leading position. However, the capitulation wasn't in the ex-Lounge Gaming's plans, and, in the 11th round, they started to decrease the lag immediately. Nevertheless, going to the side replacement «the last word» still had Virtus.Pro [7:8].

-3 by PashaBiceps on de_dust2

Going for the defense, ex-CSGL lost the pistol round, but they weren't capable to make the following «force-buy». Because of that the eco of VP was destroyed and the Polish teams came to the temporary even score [9:9].

All the subsequent events in the game took their place with an equal arrangement of forces. Michał «MICHU» Müller shown the especial result, applying «-3» in the 23d round. ex-LoungeGaming had a chance to approve their advantage, but they've made an unforgivable mistake, allowing Wiktor «TaZ» Wojtas to make the «ninja defuse». Exactly to this point the teams were going «toe to toe», but then Virtus.Pro effortlessly finished what was started with the score [12:16]. Thus, VP wins the Polish derby and goes to the Grandfinal!

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