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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


Virtus.Pro smash HellRaisers

HellRaisers and Virtus.Pro have met in the first semi-final match of the upper bracket. Both teams had won in their previous matches, HellRaisers defeated the Danes from  SK Gaming, and the Poles - on the contrary - with the difficulties overpowered Worst Players.

roster (3)

After the stage of «map-pick» the game started with the choice of the Polish quartet - the map de_mirage. HR managed to win the pistol round thanks to the joint efforts of the Vlаdyslаv «bondik» Nechyporchuk and Martin «STYKO» Styk, and then the European line-up has briefly chalked up. Taking a break, Virtus.Pro sorted out the reasons of their failures and caught the opponent up in the score. Further fighting was on an equal footing. Teams didn't relax even for a moment, trying to avoid critical errors. However, the Poles intensified the pressure at the end of the first half and went to the change of sides with a slight van [6: 9].

Snax makes -3 and takes one more round to the assets of Virtus.Pro

Turning to the defense, the VP has won the pistol round and continued leading. The attack of HellRaisers was trying to break through the enemy's defense, but the Poles did an excellent job with it. The duo, consisting of Jarosław «pashaBiceps» Jarząbkowski and Janusz «Snax» Pogorzelski, made a significant contribution to the victory of their team at de_mirage, shooting 48 kills in general. HellRaisers didn't take a single round at the T-side, and, ultimately, Virtus.Pro sent the first map into their active [6:16].


Snax - MVP at de_mirage

The match continued on the pick of HR - map de_cache. HellRaisers beat the opponent in the pistol round, in which Patrik «Zero» Žúdel came out victor in the situation of «1 to 1», taking the initial initiative. Thereafter Virtus.Pro couldn't manage to find a gap in the opponent's defense. When the Polish team managed to take the first two rounds, HellRaisers strengthened the defense and began to gain advantage. Not slowing the pace after de_mirage, Martin «STYKO» Styk led his team to the victory again. VP managed to improve their position, getting close to the opponent, but in general, the T-side has become their failure [11: 4].

Stat (2)

STYKO continues to gladden his fans 

Turning to the defense, Virtus.Pro successfully completed the «team ace» in the pistol round and got the possibility to make a comeback. Polish team returned to its former confidence in their actions, and easily caught up and then even overtook HR in a score. After [11:12] HellRaisers took a tactical pause. However, it has helped them to take only one more round. VP changed the course of the meeting, coming out victorious on de_cache with the final result of [12:16].

Team «ace» from VP in the second pistol round


Thus, the Poles will continue their way in the final of the winners’ bracket, where they will wait for the winner of the match ex-CSGL vs GODSENT. Stay with us on the