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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


The end of HellRaisers' performance

The second Semifinal match of the Lower Bracket became the game of HellRaisers and Na'Vi. In the previous contests, Natus Vincere dealt with the pressure of  FlipSid3.ESP, and  HR, in contrast, — were defeated by the Poles from Virtus.Pro.

roster (5)

Teams' line-up before the beginning of a struggle

Another «bo3-Series» started with the map de_overpass — HellRaisers' pick. After the victorious knives round, HR decided to act for the CT-side. They've managed to beat the opponent in the pistol and anti-eco rounds and, thus, got the van. Due to the fact that Na'Vi put a bomb in the pistol round and didn’t dare to make a «force-buy» then, they were able to make the purchase and take over the initiative. CIS-team didn't allow the enemy to move ahead and gained the leadership status. From time to time the European line-up was winning the device rounds, thanks to the implementation of AWP by Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný. Team performance from HellRaisers gave them the opportunity to get to the opponent as close as possible before the changing of sides [7:8].

«-4» from the sniper riffle by Oskar

Going to the defense, Natus Vincere confidently began to control the way of the match. They've won the first four rounds, and, thus, increased their van. Later, HellRaisers eventually took the weapon round to their asset and gave the hope for a comeback to their fans.  However, by the impossible efforts of Natus Vincere, who defeated the contestant only with the pistols in their hands, the eco of HR was destroyed. Using the opponent's mistakes, Na'Vi has sent the enemy's pick to their own asset. The final result — [8:16], in a favor of Natus Vincere.

stata (4)

Seized and Zeus lead Na'Vi to the triumph on de_overpass

The following map was de_mirage — the choice of Natus Vincere. Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow became the author of «-4» on the pistol round, giving the European team a chance to capture the initiative. The CIS-team hasn't been able to build the unswerving economy, as HR wasn't giving Na'Vi a single chance to locate a bomb. Having their own mistakes analyzed, the team, under the guidance of Sergey «starix» Ischuk, crushed a movement at victorious series of rounds, constricting the opponent's advantage. However, getting too close to the contestant, the line-up from the CIS has started making mistakes again. The tactical pause didn't give any cardinal changes to the power's placing on the map and the teams went to side replacement with the comfortable for HellRaisers van [10:5].

«-4» at the «buy-round» by GuardiaN

After the small break, Na'Vi managed to win on the pistol and the following anti-eco rounds, decreasing the score escape. Despite that, HellRaisers retrieved lost leadership and became one step closer to the triumph. We should emphasize the excellent taking of the «A» point by Natus Vincere on the twenty first round, where the players of the CIS-team prescinded the enemy's aggression. Over the time, Natus Vincere has taken the lost confidence back that helped them to equal the score. HellRaisers didn't manage to find the weakness in the contestant's defense and gave their own pick to the Na'Vi's money-box [13:16].

AWP (3)

Ladislav «GuardiaN» Kovács regained the game's form


Stay with us, soon the match between GODSENT and Natus Vincere will begin, accessible on Starladder_cs_en.