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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


Worst Players takes the 5-6th place

The third gaming day within the SL i-League CS:GO Invitational started with a confrontation of Worst Players and GODSENT. Yesterday the Swedish team could not withstand the Polish quintet and got to the loser bracket. In turn, the Ukrainian line-up had beat SK the day before. According to the results of today's match, one of the teams will leave the tournament.


The opening map of the meeting became de_mirage. In contrast to the yesterday's gaming day, GODSENT has started demonstrating a confident game from the very beginning, coming out victorious in the first three rounds. The team of s1mple has managed to take the initiative for a short period of time, but the Swedes were still dominating their competitors. At the end of the first half, the Ukrainian line-up has won in the last two rounds, ending the side with the score of [4:11].

Going for the defense, the Swedish team has quickly won the leadership back, by taking the pistol and the next rounds [13:4]. However, the Ukrainians analyzed their mistakes and continued scoring the points. At the score of [14:12] GODSENT has got the «match-point». Despite the attempt of the Ukrainian team to make the «comeback», the Swedes took the pick of the contestant into their asset [16:14].


The statistics of the best players of de_mirage

The game continued on de_cobblestone. In the attack the Ukrainian team began to gradually gain the advantage. Despite this, the Swedes were able to quickly equalize the score [3: 3]. Mathias «pauf» Köhler has showed an especial result, performing the clutch, making «triple kill». During almost the whole half, teams were demonstrating an equal fight, but Worst Players were a little bit stronger, and went to the change of sides with a small margin [9: 6].

The same «triplkill» by Mathias «pauf» Köhler

After the break, s1mple and his teammates won the pistol and the next two rounds. The Swedish team was able to turn the way of the game, taking five points in a row [11:12]. However, even this didn't help them to win on their pick. As a result, the map was finished with the score [16:11] in a favor of Worst Players.

Stat (2)

s1mple vs znajder

The decisive map was de_overpass. The Sweden won the pistol round. None of the teams managed to hold the lead, until GODSENT eventually has taken the leadership. Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev showed excellent results, with a total of 21 points: at first, the player has made a great «quadrokill» and the round later – «triple». The result of the first half was [9: 6], in a favor of the Swedes.

By changing the sides, team of Markus «pronax» Wallsten continued to control the game, leaving his opponents no chances. GODSENT took a third map with a score of [16: 6] and won the match with the final result on the maps of [2: 1].


The next meeting of the present gaming day will be Natus Vincere vs HellReisers. Follow the results on the  Starladder_cs_en!