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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


GODSENT go down to the loser bracket

The fate of the second tour in the final of the winners’ bracket was decided in a game between GODSENT and ex-CSGL. Yesterday the Swedish team surpassed FlipSid3, and the Poles sent Na’Vi to the «Lower Bracket».

roster (4)

The match started with the pick of GODSENT - map de_train. Losing in the knives round, the Swedes were forced to start for the T-side. Michał «MICHU» Müller and Jacek «MINISE» Jeziak together coped with exit to B, thereby sending the pistol round into his team's asset. Several device rounds were taken by ex-CSLG and the Poles took the lead in the confrontation. Former Lounge Gaming did not give the enemy a chance for a comeback, but then Markus «pronax» Wallsten managed to make the clutch, thus making the «quadrokill». However, the van continued to increase, that deepened the weak position of GODSENT. To the side replacement teams went with the [1:14] in a favor of ex-CSGL.

The same clutch by pronax

The last hope for a comeback of GODSENT was destroyed by Grzegorz «SZPERO» Dziamałek, performing -4 in the second pistol round. As the result — [1:16], and the series will continue on de_cache.

AWP (2)

znajder should've taken AWP at de_train more often

The next map was de_cache, the pick of ex-CSGL. The Poles have acquired the right to choose the sides again and decided to start in the defense. In the first pistol round Mikołaj «mouz» Karolewski masterfully took the B-plant by issuing a spectacular «-3», making his team a leader. After that, the former Lounge Gaming happily used the mistakes of their opponents and increased their van on four points. GODSENT has tried to take over the initiative, winning a few weapon rounds, but the Polish team was not going to slow down the pace. ex-CSGL finally strengthened their defense and finished with a score of [4:11].

AWP «ace» by SZPERO

After a short break, the balance of forces on the map has not changed. The Polish team has taken the whole pistol and the subsequent rounds again, bringing the game to the «match-point». Despite the uncertain game of GODSENT, the statistics of Andreas «znajder» Lindberg is worth mentioning, who, by the end of the confrontation, scored in general 28 kills. The final result — [5:16] and [0: 2] on the maps in a favor of ex-GSGL.

ex-Lounge Gaming won the «bo3-series», going to the final of the winners' bracket, where their compatriots from Virtus.Pro are already waiting for them.

Screenshot_10For today, the matches of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational came to the end. Follow the further results on the