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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational finished


Another Na'Vi's triumph

The matches of the Loser bracket are going on. In their previous match Natus Vincere defeated HellRaisers, and GODSENT knocked out of the tournament the Ukrainian team Worst Players.

roster (2)

The choice of the Swedish team fell on de_cobblestone. From the very beginning GODSENT has taken the initiative to their hands by winning four rounds in a row. However, Na’Vi managed to stop the range of victorious rounds of their enemy for a short period of time, performing the eco. The Sweden didn’t throttle down the pace of the game and took the «eco-round» in the revenge. With the score of [2:8], Natus Vincere took the decision to make a pause and discuss their mistakes. Thanks to that, the CIS-team has finished the first half with a small escape [6:9].


The captain of Na'Vi's team − Danylo «Zeus» Teslenko

After the side replacement, Natus Vincere kept scoring. Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev helped his team, making spectacular «quadrokill». For some period of time the teams were showing equal play, but the eventual victory went to the CIS-team [16:12].

«Quadrokill» by Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev 

The second map de_mirage started with the triumphal pistol round of Natus Vincere, but the Sweden managed to find their bearings, making the «force-buy» that helped them to win two rounds. Despite that, the CIS-team has started dominating their competitor from the first weapon round. The first half went to the asset of Natus Vincere [10:5].


Statistics of the best players for two maps

Going to the side of defense, Natus Vincere took the pistol and the next two rounds [13:5]. The Swedish line-up managed to gather the forces and the situation on the map has substantively changed. GODSENT evened the score and chalked up [14:13], but it was senselessly. Na'Vi won on their pick with the score [16:14] and will continue with the loser of the pair Virtus.Pro/ex-CSGL tomorrow.


Follow the broadcasting of the next match on the starladder_cs_en!