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Regional Minor Championship: CIS (finished) finished


Rebels are First Finalists!

[26:24] de_overpass
[09:16] de_mirage
[16:11] de_train

On first map de_overpass Arcade confidently took 4 rounds, including the pistol, force-buy and eco rounds of the enemy. However, Rebels managed to brace up and put up a resistance to the rival's attack, thanks to which they not only leveled the score, but took the lead [5:4]. The guys from Arcade broke this winning streak, but spiker returned the advantage to the team in a 1 vs. 3 situation [6:5]. Not willing to lose to the opponents, Arcade won back the leadership on the map and ended the first half with a [7:8] score in their favor. After the side switching, Rebels demonstrated an excellent game on the attack side and spurted into the lead, having taken 4 rounds in a row. However, they did not manage to take an eco one. Having finally returned the initiative, Arcade began to take points rather fast and ended up with a temporary draw [11:11]. The T side team brought back the advantage by two gained rounds, but Rebels took a break, after which they braced up and got a [13:14] score in their favor. The game turned out to be very intensive, none of the teams wanted to lose, and the double overtimes proved that. In the additional rounds the winner of the first match was finally found, it was Rebels [26:24].


The teams continued the battle on de_mirage, which was the pick of Rebels. Having started the game on the attack side, Arcade got an excellent series of 6 won rounds. Arcade managed to stop the rivals only once, and after that they could not stand up to them. [1:10]. Having braced up at the end of the first half, Rebels closed the gap a bit and ended the half with a [5:10] score in the opponents' favor. The second pistol round and 3 following ones were taken by Arcade, but their rivals put all strength together and made a comeback, having made problems to the Arcade's economy [9:14]. The last ones, in their turn, did take the decisive 2 points, thus having got a victory on de_mirage [9:16].


The decider ran on de_train. The pistol and force-buy rounds were taken by Arcade, but the eco one ended in the opponents' favor. After that Rebels decided not to lose the initiative and took the lead [5:2]. Despite such a turn of events, the excellent play of jR and the rivals' mistakes let Arcade get a response series and make a draw [5:5]. Having exchanged the points, Rebels took the eco and two following rounds of the first half and ended it with a [9:6] in their favor. The second pistol round was taken by Arcade rather easily, since they did not lose a single player. Playing the defense side, they quite confidently leveled the score. A temporary draw was broken by the guys from Rebels, who took a series of three rounds. Having taken only two rounds in the second half, the Arcade team was defeated with a [16:11] score.