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Regional Minor Championship: CIS (finished) finished


Minor: Method face off against Arcade

This match day turned out to be really hot. In the first two matches of this Friday the teams of the A group such as  Method, Fluffy Gangsters, Arcade and Quest were competing in the BO1 format.


Two Russian teams Method and Fluffy Gangsters met each other in the first battle.


[16:10] de_overpass

De_overpass was a battleground of this game. Beginning from the pistol round, Method were showing an excellent play and took 5 rounds in a row. Despite such an unsuccessful beginning, Fox, having left one versus one against the rival, brought his team the first point [5:1]. Having lost one more round, Method seized the initiative again and reached the score mark of [7:2]. FLG managed to rebound a bit, though they did not have enough strength to win the first half. The guys from Method ended the side with a [9:6] score in their favor. They also took the second pistol and two following rounds, playing the defense side. The match ran in a quite rapid tempo, the game was under control of both teams in turns, but Method still took the lead  [13:10]. Not having held the decisive rounds,  Fluffy Gangsters were defeated with a [16:10] score.


[16:13] de_cache

The next in turn was the match of the Arcade and Quest teams on de_cache. The last ones, playing the defense side, took 4 rounds rather fast, including the pistol and device rounds. Having exchanged the hits, the advantage was still in the hands of Quest's players [4:6]. Both teams showed an excellent game and managed to come to a temporary draw [7:7],. However, the last round of the first half ended in Arcade's favor.


The coach is supporting his team

After the side switching, Quest took a pistol round, but were not able to hold the initiative. Their rivals leveled the score and took the lead thanks to a series of gained rounds [13:8]. The guys from Quest had to do their best to make a comeback and reach a [15:13] score. With the help of COLDYY1's confident play the last, decisive round ended in Arcade's favor, who became the winners of this meeting [16:13].