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Regional Minor Championship: CIS (finished) finished


Minor: LAN Final Match Schedule

This Friday, 22 January, the eight strongest CIS teams will enter the battle for the title of the StarLadder Regional Minor Championship: CIS champion and the prize fund of $50,000. In addition, the winner will get one slot in the closed LAN Qualifier for the next Major tournament, that will run in Columbus (USA).

Group A Group В
 Method  Rebels
 Arcade  Gambit Gaming
 Fluffy Gangsters  eXplosive
 Quest  Binary Dragons

The path towards the final stage was quite challenging. Some teams had to get through the open and closed qualifiers and the Play-off bracket, after which 5 teams, that will take part in the high point of the championship, have been found.

3 teams, that have been invited by the organizers, such as Arcade, Method and Rebels will join the teams.


Victoria Olimp Hotel - place, where the Lan-final will be held

The group stage will run from January 22-23. There teams from each group will fight in the Double Elimination bracket. All rosters will begin from the upper bracket, but those, who will lose the first match, will fall down into the lower one. Only four best teams will make it into the Play-off. The matches of this stage will be played in the BO3 format in the Single Elimination bracket.

*CET is used

Friday, 22 January
Time Matches Format
12:00 Method  vs  Fluffy Gangsters BO1
13:15 Arcade  vs  Quest BO1
14:30 Rebels  vs  Binary Dragons BO1
15:45 Gambit Gaming  vs  eXplosive BO1
17:00 Match A3 BO3
19:30 Match B3 BO3
Saturday, 23 January
Time Matches Format
14:00 Match B4 BO1
15:15 Match A4 BO1
16:30 Match A5 BO3
19:00 Match B5 BO3
Sunday, 23 January (Play-off)
Time Matches Format
13:00 Match M1 BO3
16:00 Match M2 BO3
19:00 Match M3 BO3
Lineups:  GAMBIT GAMING: hoochR, Dosia, AdreN, WayLander, mou  FLUFFY GANGSTERS: Fox, Pixel, hoax, El Patron, ROBO  EXP: F1L1N, def, smike, pancher, crush  BINARY DRAGONS: It's my, balblna, FANAT ROCKA, uNdo, dERZKIY  ARCADE: jR, keshandr, Mir, hutji, COLDYY1  METHOD: ub1que, spaze, jmqa, facecrack, waterfaLLZ  REBELS: spaz, spiker, CyberFocus, fix, electronic  QUEST: vvalter, chopperis, fenya, rommi, 1uke