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PGL Major Kraków 2017 finished


Gambit Esports — the first grandfinalist of PGL Major Krakow

Gambit Esports advanced to the Grandfinal of PGL Major Krakow, dealing with the Danes from Astralis, following the outcome of a full-fledged Bo3-series.

Gambit CS:GO

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The first map in this match was Overpass — pick of Astralis. Victorious pistol-round, an impenetrable hold by AdreN and HObbit and successful retakes did the trick, letting Gambit kick off with a highlight reel at 6-0. Over time, Astralis have adapted to the opponents' game, but managed to play back only five rounds, due to a great number of failing clutches and a well-paced mou. The Kazakh sniper let Gambit Esports strengthen their positions up to a double advantage in the end of the first half 10-5.

CT-sided, Astralis gained the upper hand in the second pistol-round, then cutting down the backlog up to 10-7, but then Gambit started a new winning run. Soon Gambit Esports reached eight map-points 15-7. The Danish squad managed to play back only a few of them, so the final score on Overpass stopped at 16-10 in favor of the CIS-squad.

The following map was Inferno — a choice of Gambit Esports. On the start-line the teams were unable to define the leader, reaching 2-2. Then this tendency was ceased by Astralis, who held a win-streak to 7-2. Having stabilized the economy, Gambit picked up three rounds more before the switch-over, leaving a comfortable gap for the enemy 10-5.

In the second half, HObbit won a crucial clutch in the pistolround, letting Gambit decrease the log to 10-8. After that Astralis have never lost. Well-timed rotations, retake of control over the most important points and a well-thought hold of positions let  the Danes pick up Inferno with the score of 16-8.

The outcome of this countering was decided on Train. Up from the very beginning, Gambit started gaining advantge, while on the Astralis' board was only one gun-round and 8-1 in favor of Gambit. Only at the end of T-side, playmakers of Astralis, dev1ce and dupreeh, started picking up rounds for their team and bounced back to 9-6 after a weak start. 

The second victorious pistol-round — three more rounds on the board of Gambit 12-6. Then Astralis started playing back and soon reached the enemy as close as possible 13-12. Using the last 4th tactical pause, Gambit got back on track and, due to quick tactics paragraphed the clash 16-12. 

Astralis are knocked out of PGL Major Krakow 2017, finishing on 3-4th place and getting a prize of $70.000. In turn, the hope of CIS-region, Gambit Esports advanced to the Grandfinal of the championship, where they will be expected by the winner of pair and Immortals.