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Server settings for PGI qualifier in CIS

StarLadder will present the CIS qualifiers for PUBG Global Invitational. CIS teams will have LAN finals at Minsk presented by StarLadder to fight for a total prize pool of $100,000 and two slots to the Grand Finals of PUBG Global Invitational.

Registration for the Open qualifiers available now::

Open Qualifiers #1

Open Qualifiers #2

We would like to share detailed server settings that will be used for all matches of PGI CIS Qualifiers presented by StarLadder.

Display EndCircle Location: Off

Redzone: Off

          Sniper Rifles        1.3x                 
Assault Rifles 1.3x  
Hunting Rifles 1.3x  
LMGs 1.3x  
SMGs  1.5x  
Shotguns 1.3x  
Handguns 1.5x  
Throwables 1.3x  
Melee 1.3x  
Crossbow 1.3x  
Flaregun 0  


Scope Attachments 1.3x                     
Magazine Attachments 1.3x  
Muzzle Attachments 1.3x  
Stock, Foregrip Attachments 1.3x  


Med kit 1.3x         
First aid 1.3x  
Bandage 1.3x  
Painkiller 1.3x  
Energy Drink 1.3x  
Jerry Can 1.3x  


Bag Lv1 1.3x         
Bag Lv2 1.3x    
Bag Lv3 1.3x    
Helmet Lv1 1.3x    
Helmet Lv2 1.3x    
Helmet Lv3  
Armor Lv1 1.3x    
Armor Lv2 1.3x    
Armor Lv3 1.3x    


Costumes 1x         
Ammunitions 1.8x  


Scoring system

Placement Points  
1 500  
2 410  
3 345  
4 295  
5 250  
6 210  
7 175  
8 145  
9 120  
10 100  
11 80      
12 65  
13 50  
14 40  
15 30  
16 20  
17 15  
18 10  
19 5  
20 0  
Kill 15