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Zerghamdi and Nerchio to go to WESG SC2 EU Finals

Berkay "Zerghamdi" Erbaş and Artur "Nerchio" Bloch have earned the spots for participation in WESG SC2 EU Finals, winning the regional online-qualifiers in Turkey and Poland, respectively.

Both players Zerghamdi and Nerchio have shown an absolute domination in their region by not losing a single game. Zerghamdi defeated Muscle (2-0) and yeg (3-0) in the decisive clash, and Nerchio, who won the last year’s LAN-finals of the EU&CIS-qualifier for WESG, dealt with Kashim (2-0), Guru (2-0) and souL (3-0) in the grand-final.

Thus, Berkay "Zerghamdi" Erbaş and Artur "Nerchio" Bloch will travel to the LAN-finals of the European qualifier for WESG 2017 in Barcelona, where they will enter the battle for 12 tickets to Global Finals and $40,000 of prize-money. WESG EU Finals will be held from 22-26 of November.