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Who is destined to be the champion of WoW Arena EU Championship?

During two days — September 31 and October 1 — the strongest 7 European teams, fighting on the arena of World of Warcraft, were competing in a group stage for a prize pool of $100 000 and a chance to play in the stage of Play-offs, with three tickets to the games of World of Warcraft Arena Championship, held within BlizzCon 2016.


Within Group «А» we've seen tense clashes of the first championship's stage. It was a battlefield for eminent teams, which were considered to be the main contenders to triumph at World of Warcraft Arena European Championship.

The first to advance to the Play-offs, was the Swedish squad NG Blue. In the initial match, they managed to overpower their compatriots from JusTus, and then prevailed over SK Gaming with the score of 3:2.


For a second slot to the next stage were clashing SK Gaming and Method. These teams have already faced off against each other in the first round, where we've witnessed a clear victory of SK at 3:0. But in the lower bracket's final, the teams presented us the full-fledged Best of 5, by the results of which, the upper hand was secured by Method. It's worth noting that the brave arena's warriors from Method were fighting without their captain, who, due to some visa challenges, was unable to reach the venue.

The outcome of Group А:


Unfortunately, some unexpected circumstances stood in the way of the eighth championship's participant — the squad Four Languages. Thus, Group B was completed by three teams: Toxic Youth, The Yacht Boys and ABC.


Within this group we haven't witnessed any dramatic splashes, as in the previous one. All the matches were finished with a shutout and anticipated victories of the group's favorites. The first place was seized by Toxic Youth, who have effortlessly dealt with The Yacht Boys and ABC. For a second ticket to the Play-offs were playing ABC and The Yacht Boys, where, without any splash, prevailed the former.

The outcome of Group B:


Don't miss the crucial encounters of World of Warcraft Arena European Championship, where will be decided the biggest part of a prize pool and three tickets to the games of World of Warcraft Arena Championship, held within BlizzCon 2016. Also you'd better not forget about 60 cuddly toys from the Blizzard shop, being drawn on the venue during all the tournament! Prepare you posters, refresh your knowledge on the universe of World of Warcraft and come to the Kiev Cybersport Arena! The first match kicks off at 17:00 CEST. We'll be glad to see you!