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ECS: Which of the teams-participants will triumph in the Playoffs?

The start of a crucial stage of the tournament in London has finally reached the end. So now it's just four strongest teams: SK Gaming (ex-LG), fnatic, G2 and TSM. The outcome of the matches in group stage turned out to be unpredictable, and therefore the audience had witnessed several unexpected results.

Highlights of Group А

Against the expectations of many, Ninjas in Pyjamas have shown disastrous performance, taking the last line of the tournament table. Despite the hard clash in the opening-match against SK, the Swedish team had failed to demonstrate an equally strong game and fell victim to G2 Esports within the prime «bo3-meeting».

Ex-Luminosity Gaming, on the contrary, — have shown themselves more than worthy, beating NiP and Team Liquid in two «bo1-confrontations», thus being the first to advance to the Playoffs. Another slot in the next stage of the tournament, provided for the second line, was drawn between the above-mentioned G2 and Liquid.


The French team's way through the group stage was kind of arduous

Recall that from the very beginning, the French path on ECS hadn't gone well. G2 Esports had lost out to Team Liquid in the opening-meeting, but soon rehabilitated in the match against NiP. Since the Americans had been defeated by ex-LG in the match of the winners' bracket, they've met again with G2. The struggle was intense, but the French managed to prove superiority in their skills over the US-opponent, gaining the upper hand with the final score of [2:1] by the maps. As a result — the final teams' division in Group A was looking as follows:

1st place — SK Gaming 2nd place — G2 Esports 3rd place — Team Liquid 4th place — Ninjas in Pyjamas

Highlights of Group B

The countering between the next participants' «foursome» has happened to be much more interesting than it was expected. The failure of Astralis has become the most memorable one, as before the start of the championship, the team had been considered one of the likely winners in the LAN-final of the first ECS season.

It's worth noting that the Danish team has lost to the North American ones in both matches: TSM and Cloud9. In turn, fnatic continued their winning run, which was started from ELEAGUE. Unlike Astralis, the Swedes have managed to defeat both the American squads, taking the first place among Group B.


fnatic are confidently moving to the next trophy

Taking into account the previous results, two representatives of the North American region were struggling for the right to get the last slot in the Playoffs: TSM and Cloud9. The Canadian team had amazed the audience by winning the «decider-match» with the final result of [2:0]. Thus, Team SoloMid have proven that their victory over Astralis hadn't been an accident at all, and their team has a great potential, so nothing but a little time is required for the disclosure.

Eventually, the above-mentioned teams have got the following seeds in Group B: 

1st place — fnatic 2nd place — TSM 3rd place — Cloud9 4th place — Astralis

So at the moment, only three games are separating us from the moment, when the name of the champion of the first season of Esports Championship Series will become known. Recall that in the semi-final «bo3-series» will meet: SK vs TSM and fnatic vs G2 Esports. What we should expect from each of the participants and what are their chances of the ultimate triumph?

The predictions for the Play-off

Let's start with the Brazilians from SK Gaming. The team, under the direction of Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo had finished first in Group A, so they had one day for additional training. The recent ex-LG's performances at LAN-tournaments had been almost perfect: the champion’s title at MLG Columbus, DreamHack Austin, ESL Pro League S4, the qualification to the decisive stage of ELEAGUE and 9-12th place at DreamHack Masters Malmo.


coldzera and his team have the highest chances of a victory over the Swedes

At the moment, the Brazilian team is at the top of their game and is fully able to beat almost anyone. Almost everyone, except fnatic. Olof «olofmeister» Kajbjer has returned, and with him — the erstwhile power of the Swedish team. The fact of the comeback is directly supported by the latest fnatic's results. The Swedes have easily secured the participation in the ELEAGUE’s Playoffs stage, and in the group stage of ECS, two days ago, have occupied the top spot of Group B.

According to the division’s results, fnatic were destined to fight against G2.Kinguin. The French team had proved to be able to defeat the Swedes in their last confrontation in the LAN-finals of ESL Pro League S4, but then they were playing without the olofmeister. Moreover, the match was quite equal and the Swedish roster had fallen short of a little luck to come out the victors.

The chance that the G2 will find the way to repeat such a feat is extremely small. fnatic should easily gain the upper hand in the second semi-final clash, knocking the French out of the ECS's title race. The maximum that G2 Esports are capable of — is only one map. However, in order to achieve this, the starry duet «Shox + ScreaM» will have to do their best.


Will G2 make a splash? 

SK are in roughly the same situation. The Brazilians are always confident in matches against the American teams, and the up-coming semi-final opposition against TSM shouldn't be completed with their defeat. However, we don't have to underestimate the Canadians, who have exceeded all the expectations. Recall that in the online qualifications of the North American division of ECS, Team SoloMid were on the verge of a victory over the Brazilian team, paragraphing the «bo3-series» with a score of [1:2] in a favor of Luminosity.

Eventually, the pair of finalists’ should consist of fnatic and ex-LG.  Referring to the statistics, we can see that the current SK haven't won a single «bo3-series» against the Swedish composition. It is unlikely that a change of the organization will help them undo this «tradition». fnatic want to gain another victory, thus proving to the whole world that their roster is the strongest among all the existing CS:GO-teams.

Considering all the above-mentioned, the audience will witness the following results in the Play-off matches:

1st place — fnatic 2nd place — SK Gaming 3-4th places — G2 и TSM

Alongside you, we are looking forward to the decisive stage of Esports Championship Series. The Russian-language stream of the tournament will be held on the twitch-channel ecs_ru.


The Swedish team — is the main favorite to win ECS S1

And now let's finish the discussion, just enjoying a great Counter-Strike by the rest of the tournament's participants.

Author: Ilya «EllanarkJesus» Chabelets