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What we may discover from social’s before a start of #WESG

There are only two days left till the start of WESG 2016 Grand Final presented by Alipay. Almost all the participants of the World Championship have already reached the beautiful city of Changzhou and are ready to fight for a piece of the decent prize pool of $3,700,000. Let’s take a look on how the players spend their leisure time in the run-up to the tournament’s start.

Fantastic Five kicked off their day with a tasty breakfast ​

In such a uniform will perform Selfless. How do you like it?​

There are too few things that can be a killjoy for TaZ. Delay at the airport < birth of a child.
Our congratulations, Wiktor!

Interesting, which dish of the Chinese cuisine have chosen Comanche?​

Had a meal, now it’s time to be photoshoot!​

No_one, why didn’t you join?​

The stylists are delicate with the hooch's and DavCost's hairdress


We started the photoshoot #wesg #changzhou #grandfinal

Фото опубликовано Alexander Oleynik (@climhta)

The bus with Swedish boy-scouts

Team oNe are already practicing

The starry line-up of #TeamUkraine are already together!​

And this is how the training-zone looks like​

We wait for all!



Фото опубликовано Wesg (@wesgcom)

Don’t forget to share your expectations and impressions of the tournament via the hashtag #WESG!

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