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What we learned from WESG CS:GO Grand Final

The world championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a record prize-pool for this discipline has come to an end, leaving behind a lot of questions, answers on which will surely influence on the future progress of the CS:GO-scene.

Specially for the readers of our website we have prepared a list of main WESG’s ideas, which were based on the final results of that memorable event.

Team EnVyUs have become richer

EnVyUs achieved a triumph on the WESG Grand Final and once again showed the potential of French players, who can occupy a dominant position at the pro-scene, if they choose the right path of progress. Due to a win at WESG, boys from nV have not just earned a huge amount of money — $800 000, making Happy and NBK the most richest esportsmen in CS:GO, but also proved that their spot at EL Major belongs them deservedly, despite of the all criticism from the community.

The joy of victory on faces of EnVyUs' players

Even though we didn’t get the expected by many people grand-final between Team EnVyUs and Virtus.Pro, the Frenchman played in the most interesting matches of the tournament. Just recall that quarter-final fight against TyLoo, where EnVy literally teared up a victory from the opponent’s hands on the 3rd map. A semifinal game vs. Space Soldiers was exciting as well, and was finished in favour of nV as a result of an incredible comeback by their side.

Including a confident victory in the grand-final and winnings in the group stage, all of that would not happen if there was no Kenny «kennyS» Schrub. Due to his high results, not for the first time, the French sniper carried his team in a lot of hard situations and became an owner of MVP-medal from So, as for the example, Team EnVyUs achieved the 3-4th place at DH Masters Malmo in 2016, where kennyS was just smashing his opponents.

kennyS' final stats at WESG

The season has started as good as possible for EnVyUs, and that great performance at WESG gives us a hope that we will see at least one French team in the list of legends of the upcoming EL Major. Even if NBK, apEX and kennyS will leave the current roster and join shox and bodyy, building the one national super-team, let’s hope that it won’t influence on the EnVyUs’ morale, and we will be watching nV in the well-armed shape at the tournament in Atlanta. Anyway, all of EnVy’s players deserve nothing, but luck, and should be congratulated for that victory, which became real as a result of their hard work. 

Are Space Soldiers the future stars of CS:GO?

The best Turkish team didn’t disappoint their fans. Once more SpaceS showed us a strong game and finished on the 4th place of WESG Grand Final, that is the main achievement in a whole history of the squad. Furthermore, since the Turks won over EnVyUs in the semi-final, they would be able to outplay Team Kinguin in the grand-final and became the champions of WESG, creating one of the biggest sensation of a last few years. 

Space Soldiers are just getting started

A defeat in the match against Team EnVyUs, where SpaceS lost the decisive map from comfortable [12:6] to [14:16], showed us that despite of recent success, the team has a lot to work with. The players of that squad are incredibly talented, specially Can «XANTARES» Dörtkardeş, and have a trained aim alongside with a basic tactics, but they usually get lost in the meetings with more experienced teams. That, as the example, happened in the Space Soldiers’ confrontations against Virtus.Pro and EnVyUs.

Space Soldiers vs Team EnVyUs @ de_dust2

However, everything starts from something small, and even the eminent Brazilians from SK Gaming once were 16:0’ed by fnatic at the beginning of their way to the top (FACEIT League Stage 3 at DreamHack Winter 2015). This idea force us to believe in the «miracle» of the Turkish CS:GO-scene and support them on their way to victories. And since Space Soldiers won two LANs last year — ASUS ROG Summer 2016 and WESG 2016 ME & Africa Finals, this time they will be carrying a lot more of expectations. Let’s watch, if the Turks will beat their previous year’s record, but now SpaceS is one of the most perspective teams on the pro-scene. 

The moment of glory for Team Kinguin

Even if it didn’t happen on the permanent basis, the second strongest team in Poland has finally got out from the shadows of Virtus.Pro. Coming out from the long-term VP’s trap, we can say that Kinguin have slammed «the door», destroying their eminent compatriots. What does this result tell us? 

The runner-up of WESG CS:GO Grand Final

As first, we have to congratulate Team Kinguin with their main achievement as for the moment — first in the team’s history 2nd place on a tournament of such calibre and $400,000 for their bank. Last time we saw the same game by these guys on SL i-League Invitational, where they’ve become the bronze medalists, winning over such teams as Natus Vincere and GODSENT during the tournament. At second, after that the Polish five should decisively took hold on the tier2-level, because Kinguin were stably winning the teams with the same skill amount, and it’s obvious from their recent results: Acer Predator Masters S3, DreamHack Winter 2016, ESEA S23 Global Challenge and surely WESG.

In addition, the past roster changes in Team Kinguin, that happened in April of 2016, continuing to prove themselves. rallen and Furlan, who have come from the Polish roster of Team AGG, nicely fitted that team and strengthened it, changing the replaced innocent and MINISE. Right now Kinguin can compete with such teams as Virtus.Pro, but they still have some instability, which you can see in the result of the grand-final of WESG, and they should work more in that area.

Will Kinguin achieve anything higher than that?

In overall, Team Kinguin stands as one of the most interesting teams with a huge potential, but unlike Space Soldiers, they haven’t been able to discover it for a long period of time. As the years go by, Virtus.Pro will unlikely pick up someone from Kinguin, so they need to succeed as a team. For now, 2nd place at WESG is only the moment of glory for them, and we will find out in the future if this squad can achieve something more than a single sensational appearance.

No champions’ title for Virtus.Pro

In defiance of a high chances of winning, VP didn’t achieve the triumph on the first LAN-tournament of a new year. As in the finals of the European offline-qualifiers of WESG, the Poles secured the 3rd place and shown some troubles in matches against a low-tier teams.  

We should recall the group stage, or the games against Team Russia or subtLe as a proof. In the confrontation with the Russian team, the Poles were defeated on their one of the most strongest maps — de_cache. In the meeting with the main outsider of the group — Team SubtLe, the «Bears» hardly won the first map in the overtime, but they still managed to 2:0 the enemy in the end. That’s with their following and confident victory against the strong Swedes from Epsilon eSports.

VP should find a solution

This trand went on was in the Play-offs, where Virtus.Pro had problems with weaker opponents — Dark Passage and Team Kinguin. Even though they overpowered the Turks, their compatriots achieved opposite result. Kinguin simply demolished their rivals, especially on the second map de_mirage, on which VP prevailed over the previous contenders four times in a row. 

May be, Virtus.Pro’s players didn’t bring back their usual form after the holidays, but EL Major is coming, and there will be no space for such mistakes. However, despite of their status of one of the strongest teams in the world, VP were always known for their inconsistency. So, in some sense, that lower than expected result by Virtus.Pro at WESG might be explainable. 

One way or another, VP still is a strong tier1-team, despite of all that was said. Performance at WESG may help the Poles in bringing the «Virtus.Plow form», pointing out the mistakes, which must be immediately fixed. So, it may be a good lesson for Virtus.Pro before a full year of an incessant tests.

Author — Ilya «EllanarkJesus» Chabelets, who can be found on Twitter​