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What is SL i-League StarSeries S3 in Dota 2 memorable by?

Reshuffle on the Chinese Dota-scene, loss of the TI6 finalists, will Team Liquid lose someday and who is the main «pussy-hunter» among the pro-players — let's sum up SL i-League StarSeries S3 in Dota 2.

VG.J — the best Chinese team?

SL i-League StarSeries S3 was attended by the strongest squads of China, except only Newbee. And if, before the start of the tournament, there could possibly be some disputes about the TOP-1 of the region, than after — the question is settled. 

VG.J have proved their 100%-results in the online with an excellent performance in Shanghai. On their way to the final they prevailed over: the champions of TI6 and, at a time, their basic contender for the upper hand in China — Wings; silver prize winners of the same tournament — Digital Chaos; and the main threat for all the European region, triumphant of three Major-tournaments — OG.

The results speak for themselves, as, before we haven't seen Newbee in action — VG.J may be considered the best team in the region. 

Team Liquid is beyond godlike!!! Somebody defeat them!!

Team Liquid are going on, smashing everyone and everything. The team is still remaining undefeated in the new year. For all the tournament, theis squad lost out only in two maps, and, as it turned out, to the best teams, following the outcome of the year. 

An impressive macro-game along with the high-skilled performers, makes this team the real rival for everyone. At the moment, there a few rivals, who can compete with them: OG, VG.J and, maybe, Newbee.

When receiving direct invites to The Kiev Major — Team Liquid must be in the top of the list.

The failure of The International 2016 finalists

Wings continue showing the results, absolutely out of joint as for the World champions. For three month, they attended 7 tournaments, taking not higher than 3-4th places (China Top 2016 — 4 participants, ESL One Genting 2017 — 8 participants and an easy group). Switched off? Lost the grip? The rivals got used to them? Write your suggestions in the comments.

The results of Digital Chaos may be called quite expected. After ESL One Genting 2017, the achievents of MiSeRy and comany are too poor: last place at Dota Pit and a defeat to the basic rivals for the ticket to DAC.

Let's add the performance at SL i-League StarSeries S3 and we'll see that there are no hopes even for the «last CIS hope».

Miracle — «just an Arab», while Resolut1ion — «pussy-hunter»

At SL i-League StarSeries S3 the participants were presenting their teams' profiles, among which MATUMBAMAN and MoonMeander have made their mark. Their players' introductions were the funniest and presented a few new memes to the community. 

Other teams' profiles, interviews and matches' records may be found on our YouTube-channel. And if you still haven't seen our venue's review, we highly recommend to watch — the movie is really great.