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What impressions WESG left for the participants?

At the close of WESG 2016 Grand Final presented by Alipay, players and talents have shared with their thoughts and emotions from the by-past championship. For the special benefit of our readers, we have chosen a few interesting publications of the tournament’s participants.

kennyS became the championship’s MVP. All his joy may be obvious from the photo below.

Pasha is always in good shape ;)


The EnVyUs’ manager participates in joy of victory together with team.

Took the first place on WESG? It’s high time to perform the country’s anthem. EnVyUs on board!

Players from Kinguin are not wasting time and found how to spend the prize.


Santa Monica beach 😋

Фото опубликовано Grzegorz Dziamalek (@szperek)


Rotterdam missed no opportunity to snap a photo with Scarlett and DeMusliM.


An interesting fact. WESG was the last tournament for rmN in the line-up of Fantastic Five.

The TNC’s emotions after a victory over Cloud9 in the championship’s Grand-final.

At the venue, Dendi was making some interesting movies for his fans.Attention! 18+

Happy became more wealthy in a few thousands of dollars.

At first were fighting against each other, and then - resting all together.

NBK was pleased to participate in WESG and hopes for the second season of the championship.