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Westers Clash: the list of participants

There are just a few day left before the start of Westers Clash Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, so it’s high time to announce the list of participants and the seeding of teams in the Double-Elimination bracket of the Playoffs.

Let’s start with the pairs of teams for the first round of Playoffs

  •  Fnatic vs. RED Canids
  •  Tempo Storm vs. Team Liquid
  •  Gale Force eSports vs. Nomia
  •  Team expert vs. Team Freedom



Fnatic HotS

The champions of Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Mid-Season Brawl and the most stable team in Europe, who are deservedly considered the favorites of Westers Clash. Even despite a painful defeat 1:3 by the outsider of European division of HGC, team Playing Ducks.

Team expert

Team Expert HotS

The fresh blood of the European championship, Team expert entered the top three, after an excellent streak of games in the second phase of HGC. It was up to their recent results to bring them an invite to Western Clash.

Team Liquid

Liquid HotS

One of the most stable teams in Europe, basing on their results and on their lineup as well, Team Liquid failed to use a chance to reach the peak of Western Clash previously. Despite a way not the best gaming shape in the second phase of HGC, Team Liquid are the ones, who are able to compete with the favorites.

Gale Force eSports

Gale Force eSports HotS

Gale Force had a failing performance in the first tournament of Western Clash, due to the challenging bracket they happened to be in. During the offseason, they were strengthened by KingCaffiene and k1pro and it seems to be right what they’ve needed to reach the new level. The strongest team of the North America, Gale Force eSports is ready to do their best in Kiev.

Tempo Storm

Tempo Storm HotS

The second strongest American team, Tempo Storm is ready to show their skill not only to their rivals, but to the whole world as well, especially invoking Kael'thas, which has greatly contributed to the win-streak they are in since the January 2017.

Team Freedom

Team Freedom HotS

This tournament will be the first international one for Freedom, but their successful performance in the second phase of HGC proves that the main goal of their visit to Kiev is victory.  


Nomia HotS

The representatives of Australia and New Zealand have been the public’s favorites for a long time already. Coming to the first Western Clash as a “dark horse”, they managed to stop the favorites Liquid, while in Mid-Season Brawl they survived in the “death group”, overpowering Fnatic and MVP Black. This time the guys will perform as veterans, when comparing to newcomers from Freedom and Team expert.

RED Canids

RED Canids HotS

RED Canids, the one and only representative of the South America, are back on track after an unsuccessful performance in the offseason.Their roster didn’t remain unchanged, as haMtarO replaced Tulin. We’ll see how this replacement influences the gaming conditions of RED Canids and what they have prepared for the clash in Kiev.