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WESG SC2 APAC: Day Two Review

At the close of the second match-day within the LAN-finals of WESG APAC in StarCraft II we have learnt the names of two players, who will play in the Grand-finals.

Yesterday were decided eight participants of the Playoffs, who continued their struggle for 6 tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals with a total prize pool of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).


The gaming day was set off with quarter-final matches, the upper hand in which was gained by: Xiang «XY» Yao, Jun «TY» Tae Yang, Cho «Maru» Seong Ju and Lei «Rex» Hao-Cheng. These four players were granted tickets to the Grand-finals of WESG.

In the matches for 5-6th places were fighting players, who had lost in the first round of the Playoffs: Sioras faced PiLiPiLi, while PSiArc was fighting against Jim. The Kazakh and Chinese have successfully dealt with the rivals, thus gaining the last two slots in the WESG Global Grand Finals.

A clash for the third place was held between Xiang «XY» Yao and Lei Hao «Rex» Cheng, in which the Chinese player overpowered the opponent with the score of [3:0].

In the semifinals, Jun «TY» Tae Yang and Cho «Maru» Seong Ju prevailed over their rivals with [3:0] and already tomorrow will enter a fight in the Grand-finals of WESG APAC in StarCraft II.