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WESG SC2 APAC: Day One Review

A group stage of the LAN-finals of WESG APAC in the StarCraft II discipline has reached the end. Were decided the best eight players, who will continue their performance in the stage of Playoffs.

The lead within group «А» was gained by Xiang «XY» Yao. The Chinese player passed the whole group stage without a single loss and secured a place in the following tournament's stage. The second place and a slot in the quarterfinals of WESG APAC were granted to Rex. The last two lines are occupied by Yours and Ranger.


The strongest player of the Group «В» was Jun «TY» Tae Yang. He prevailed over all the opponents, joining a list of the Playoffs' stage's participants. A line lower is occupied by Naohiro «PSiArc» Nishimura, who put on his board four points. aconcises and SwEEt took the last two places, thus leaving the contest.

Within Group «С» were fighting only three players. The first places were seized by Jim and Sioras, who, thus, advanced to the quarterfinals of WESG APAC. Rose failed to deal with the opponents and left the tournament without a single victory.


The upper hand within Group «D» was gained by Cho «Maru» Seong Ju and Pavel «PiLiPiLi» Pilipenko. Maru dealt with four rivals, while PiLiPiLi overpowered three. The both players will perform within the 1/4-stage of the Playoffs.

A list of the Playoffs' participants looks as follows: 

  • XY
  • Rex
  • TY
  • PSiArc
  • Jim
  • Sioras
  • Maru
  • PiLiPiLi

We'd like to remind you that a prize pool of WESG APAC in StarCraft II amounts to¥182 000 (~$28 000). Besides, the LAN-finals' participants are fighting for 6 tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals with a total prize pool of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).